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UFC WOMEN: There’s A Reason Why We Call Her “The Bullet”

Valentina Shevchenko vs Lauren Murphy


Valentina Shevchenko produced yet another dominant performance in her title defense against Lauren Murphy in the co-main event of UFC 266 and proved that she can’t be stopped, just like a bullet.

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With her 6th straight title defense, Valentina “The Bullet” Shevchenko goes down as one of the best in the 125 pound women’s category where nobody comes close to her. At UFC 266, Shevchnko proved to the world why she’s the undisputed champion, with a dominant win over Lauren Murphy without taking any damage.


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Right from the first round, Shevchenko came out strong. Everytime Murphy tried to land a punch or even landed a punch, the champion countered it with a right hook, left jab and a liver kick throughout the fight. Those liver kicks were the real deal causing Murphy a lot of damage. As the rounds progressed we saw Murphy lose her speed while her opponent remained considerably fast. Valentina finished round 1 with a spinning backfist and followed it up with a pair of leg kicks, all of which hurt Murphy. 

The fight moved onto clinch position from round 2 onwards when Murphy was able to hold her opponent off but that did not last long enough as Shevchenko’s heavy hook landed yet again and was followed by some nastly liver kicks. In round 3, the champ landed a triple jab and ripped a hook and slammed home a left kick right on the liver before grabbing her into clinch to seal the round.


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In the championship round, Shevchenko seemed further committed. She started the round with a brilliant combination before landing a jump kick to the chin followed by a right hook which stunned Murphy. The champ then took things to the canvas and landed a flurry of vicious elbows before the referee intervened to stop the fight. 

After a 6th consecutive title defense, one thing that looks obvious for Shevchnko is the Amanda Nunes trilogy fight. In the post-fight octagon interview, Daniel Cormier didn’t even have to menton the Brazilian’s name but the flyweight champion responded by saying, “ I’m ready for anyone, I always say, no matter what weight class, no matter anything, I’m ready, I’m here, I’m the champion.” which clearly indicated that she’s ready for a change in weight category and take on the trilogy fight somewhere down the line.


[Image Credit: Valentina Shevchenko]