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Top 5 Extreme Rules Moments

WWE Extreme Rules
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WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV has to go down as one of the most entertaining and exciting shows of the year, with multiple stipulations and title matches taking place at the event. As we edge closer to the PPV let’s take a trip down memory lane and have a look at some of the top moments of Extreme Rules.

1. The day the Shield went extreme

In the 2013 edition of the PPV, all three members of The Shield went home with a golden belt around their waists for the first time since making their debut in WWE. Dean Ambrose was the first one to get his hands on the United States Championship after defeating Kofi Kingston in a no-rules match. This victory began a 351-day reign for Dean Ambrose as the United States Champion. The other members of the shield, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins made the night better for the team as the two were crowned as Tag Team Champions after defeating Daniel Bryan and Kane in a tornado tag match. Since that day, it was made clear that Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns were the future of the company.

2. Hornswoggle VS El Torito

When WWE announced that Hornswoggle would take on El Torito in the kickoff show of the 2014 Extreme Rules nobody would’ve expected the fight to go down as one of the most entertaining fights the PPV has ever seen. The fight took a chaotic turn when 3MB started assisting Hornswoggle and Los Matadores helped El Torito. At a point in the fight, all the seven fighters were outside the ring using tables, ladders, and chairs to take out each other. This also earned the fighters a “This is Awesome!” chant from the packed stadium in New Jersey.

3. THAT Roman Reigns spear on The Big Show

The main event of the 2015 edition of Extreme Rules featured a Last Man Standing fight between Roman Reigns and The Big Show and it certainly lived up to its expectations as the Big Dog silenced many of his doubters by producing one of his best career performances. In the closing stages of the match Roman Reigns took out Big Show with a spear through the barricade but it still wasn’t enough to take out the Big Show. The two fighters stood up and found their way on top of the announcer’s table with The Big Show planning to land a chokeslam on Reigns on the announcer’s table but somehow the Head of the Table found his way out and landed one of the most incredible spears the WWE has ever seen.

4. Jeff Hardy VS Edge, Ladder Match

The inaugural 2009 Extreme Rules PPV featured Jeff Hardy and Edge where Hardy defeated Edge in a legendary ladder match to get his hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Both the fighters have had a history of taking on each other in a ladder match but this one was something different. This fight featured a lot of insane moments, including the R-rated superstar being thrown front-first on the ladder which was placed upside down next to the ropes. Another memorable moment was when both men climbed up the ladder outside the ring and sent each other crashing through different ladders which were balancing between the ring and the barricade.

5. Have we forgotten about thumbtacks?

The Asylum match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules 2016 went to a whole new level of extreme with the use of thumbtacks. Firstly, the fight went on for nearly 30 minutes which was too long for a non-title match that had little to nothing riding on it. Looking back, it’s difficult not to appreciate the memorable moments of that fight, with one of our favourite moments being the Thumbtack spot. Either man could’ve ended up in the tacks which had been scattered on the ring canvas by Dean Ambrose. Right at the end of the fight, Y2J was the one who would spend the rest of the night removing the tacks from his body after being thrown onto the tacks by Ambrose.