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Top 10 Third Kits of 2022-23 Football Season

RB Leipzig and Venezia 2022-23 Third Kits
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Most football clubs and manufacturers go way outside the box for third kits. Kit makers aren’t forced to stick to classic or traditional club colours for the third strip, and we have seen some bold graphics and wacky designs on the team’s alternate kit over the years.

Clubs also tend to go down the vintage route when it comes to these jerseys.

Here are our top ten third kits of the 2022/23 football season.

10. Tottenham Third Kit

Tottenham 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: CBS Sports Golazo]

Tottenham have done something different for their third kit, and it works. The wavy design and turquoise and blue colourway draw inspiration from Tottenham’s motto, to dare is to do.

9. Bayern Munich Third Kit

Bayern Munich 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: FC Bayern]

The Bayern Munich 2022/23 third kit has a clean black and red colour way along with a jersey that takes inspiration from the region. The third kit is inspired by the Bavarian card game ‘Schafkopf’, featuring the symbols of the card colours of acorn (club), grass (spade), heart, and bells (diamonds) woven throughout the rhombuses inside the shirt.

8. Everton Third Kit

Everton 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: B/R Football]

Everton have released a classic yellow and blue third kit for the new season that features the iconic Prince Rupert’s Tower in place of the club crest. The detailing of the tower is also prominently displayed at the bottom of the shirt.

7. RB Leipzig Third Kit

Rb Leipzig 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: RB Leipzig]

In contrast to their funky home and away strips, RB Leipzig have kept things neat with their third kit for the 2022/23 season.

6. Lazio Third Kit

Lazio 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: S.S. Lazio]

Mizuno have done an excellent job with their sparkling clean Lazio third kit for the 2022/23 season. The white background and blue sleeves are an excellent combination, and kits just generally look nice when the sponsor logo’s colours blend in with the strip. The V-neck is a nice touch, too.

5. Atalanta Third Kit

Atalanta 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: Atalanta Store]

Now, this is what I am talking about when it comes to a third kit. Bold and experimental. Turquoise shade with black and blue pinstripes and royal blue sleeve cuffs and collar. Joma have hit out of the park with this one.

4. Venezia Third Kit

Venezia 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: Venezia FC]

You can’t have a football kit top-ten list without Venezia anymore. The kit is sold out since its launch, and it’s not hard to see why. The gold design is inspired by the history of Venice, with a nod to the churches and monuments around the city.

3. Nottingham Forest Third Kit

Nottingham Forest 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: Nottingham Forest]

Nottingham Forest have released one of the best third kits of the new season to mark their return to the Premier League top-flight. The blue and coral pattern with the wavy design is the perfect blend of modern with a retro feel, and this kit may be a fan favourite this season.

2. Arsenal Third Kit

Arsenal 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: Adidas Football]

Lilac has never been a colour strongly associated with Arsenal, but Adidas have brought out a pink-third kit for the Gunners this season. The subtle pink colour has a nice warm undertone, which goes well with the blue stripes and collars. Another masterpiece.

1. Lille Third Kit

Lille 2022-23 Third Kit
[Image Credit: LOSC]

Black and gold. You can never go wrong with black and gold. New Balance have released an incredible third kit with Lille for the upcoming season with the gold design woven into the black background that fades from the sleeves and top of the jersey.