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Top 10 Home Kits Of The 2022/23 Football Season

Home Kits Of The 202223 Football Season
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A new football season means one important thing, new football kits. Football kits have become an integral part of the modern football culture, and they are now intrinsically attached to iconic teams and players.

Best Home Kits in 2022/23

Here are our top 10 home kits from the 2022/23 season

10. Brentford 2022/23 Home Kit

Brentford 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: Brentford FC]

It may not be the best-looking kit on the planet, but Brentford decided not to release a new home shirt for the 2022/23 season. Instead, the Bees extended the life of their 2021/22 home kit, making it more affordable for the fans and promoting a more sustainable kit culture. That deserves mentioning in this list.

9. Borussia Dortmund 2022/23 Home Kit

Borussia Dortmund 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: GOAL]

Borussia Dortmund brought back the stripes for the first time since 2002-03 with their new 2022/23 home kit. The stripes on the jersey feature a pattern inspired by the window arches of the Wildschütz, the tavern in which Borussia Dortmund were founded, and the way they fit around the sponsor logo is just perfect.

8. West Ham 2022/23 Home Kit

West Ham United 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: West Ham United]

The 2022/23 West Ham home kit is the perfect example of retro with a modern twist. The jersey pays homage to the 1992-93 promotion-winning side led by Billy Bond and features a scratched graffiti blue and white detailing on the sleeves, which follows the edginess of the club’s message of moving into a modern age.

7. FC Porto 2022/23 Home Kit

FC Porto 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: New Balance Football]

New Balance have been making waves in the 2022/23 season, and the new Porto home kit for the season is another beauty. The classic blue and white stripes stick to the traditions of the club, while the darker tone in the sleeves is a neat addition.

6. AS Roma 2022/23 Home Kit

AS Roma 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: AS Roma]

Roma rarely go wrong with their home kit. The design features a vintage pattern from the club logo in the 1930s along with a mixture of two shades of the trademark red colour and the traditional orange trim.

5. Barcelona 2022/23 Home Kit

FC Barcelona 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: FC Barcelona]

The 2022/23 Barcelona Home kit has all the makings of an all-time classic. The 2022 kit pays homage to the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona with the gold detailing on the Spotify and Nike sponsor logos. The dark blue sleeves may not be for everybody, but it fits well with this design.

4. Arsenal 2022/23 Home Kit

Arsenal 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: Arsenal]

It’s official, Arsenal are a full-time premium clothing brand that plays football on the side. Arsenal and Adidas have smashed it out of the park, once again, with this home kit. The collar, the three stripes on the shoulders, the lightning detailing, everything just works.

3. Fulham 2022/23 Home Kit

Fulham 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: Fulham]

Adidas, they’ve done it again. It’s not difficult to get a white kit wrong, but there’s just something special about this kit with the black detailing that feels right. It’s a good reminder that sometimes when it comes to life and football jerseys, simplicity is perfection.

2. Norwich City 2022/23 Home Kit

Norwich City 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: Norwich City]

Norwich City have produced a classic with their 2022/23 home kit. The pinstripes and green V-neck collar and sleeves work perfectly together, and the black Lotus sponsor gives the perfect contrast to an all-round lovely kit.

1. Venezia 2022/23 Home Kit

Venezia 2022-23 Home Kit
[Image Credit: Venezia]

Venezia do football kits better than everyone else, and for the second year in a row, the Italian team have made it to the top of the list. The collar, the gold detailing, the orange and green stripes, the long black sleeves, and the blend of vintage and modern. It is pure art.