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No More Title Shots For The Scottish Warrior

Drew McIntyre


After Drew McIntyre’s defeat to Bobby Lashley at Hell In A Cell, the Scottish Warrior has lost all his title hopes, but it wasn’t the cleanest of fights with MVP playing a major role in Lashley’s victory.

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The main event of Hell In A Cell only had one of these two outcomes; either McIntyre would get his revenge on Lashley and retain the title he once held, or Lashley would do whatever it takes to win the fight and end the rivalry between the two of them. And that’s exactly what Lashley did!


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The fight got off to a violent start with Drew McIntyre in full control. Most of the fight actually took place outside the ring with multiple tables being broken and all kinds of external tools introduced through every minute of the battle. It started with tables, then there were kendo sticks and steel stairs which were utilized in innovative ways by both the fighters. At one point in the fight, MVP helped Lashley lock McIntyre in the corner of the Cell with the help of Kendo sticks but the Scottish Warrior found his way back into the fight. The fight lived up to the Hell In A Cell tag with cut marks visible on both men’s backs from the intensity.

McIntyre had the match in his sight when he landed a claymore on Lashley but just moments before that, an unfortunate incident took out the referee. A replacement referee was sent inside the Cell to see through the rest of the match but he wasn’t the only one to enter the Cell at that point. MVP managed his way into the cell and stopped the replacement referee from counting to three. This left McIntyre furious and he made MVP pay with a claymore and was left in the cage to recover.

McIntyre was lining up another Claymore for Lashley but the champ ducked at the very last moment and chokeslammed McIntyre off the apron through a table that was outside the ring. The fight still went on for a while from here with both the fighters landing their signature moves. The Scottish Warrior was set to seal the fight with a third claymore but MVP intervened and grabbed his leg as Lashley rolled up McIntyre to get the three-count and retain the title.


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McIntyre’s loss means that he will no longer be given any title shots for the WWE Championship as long as Bobby Lashley remains the champion.


[Image Credit: Drew McIntyre]