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Euro 2020 Team Of Matchday 1

Denmark Football Team Players
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Euro 2020 has kicked off with a bang with plenty of exciting matches, jaw-dropping goals and impactful performances from across the continent. The likes of Italy, Belgium and England have all made the perfect start to the tournament and watching fans return to the stadium and cheer on their team has been a sight for sore eyes.

While there have been plenty of exceptional performances during the first week, one team showed immense heart and bravery and all 11 players rightfully deserved to be named in our Euro 2020 Team of Matchday 1.

Euro 2020 Team of Matchday 1

While the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Leonardo Spinazzola and Patrik Schick have lit up the tournament with their performances, no team displayed as much bravery and courage compared to the 11 Danish players that took the field against Finland in Copenhagen.

The Denmark players showed what the real meaning of a team was and displayed their true colours during their darkest hour.

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch just before the first half ended during their opening match of Euro 2020 and it was later confirmed to be a cardiac arrest. Anthony Taylor – the referee – immediately stopped the game within seconds of Eriksen’s fall to allow his teammates and the medical staff to rush onto the pitch and attend to the player.

No man deserves more credit than the Denmark captain, Simon Kjaer. The central defender was the first to arrive on the scene and immediately performed CPR on his Danish team-mate, clearing his airways and ensuring that he didn’t swallow his tongue. 

Kjaer also assisted the first-responders and instructed his teammates to form a protective circle around Eriksen to afford him some privacy and prevent the cameras from intruding while he hung on to his life.

Kjaer, along with veteran goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, also consoled Eriksen’s partner and the mother of his two children Sabrina Kvist. She was understandably in duress on the other side of the pitch, but while fighting back his own tears, Schmeichel consoled her and informed her that he is breathing again.

The Inter Milan midfielder was given emergency CPR treatment on the field for 13 minutes and the doctor on the scene – Morten Boesen – later explained that they performed cardiac resuscitation and brought him back after one defibrillator.

While there will be plenty of celebration and ecstasy throughout the rest of Euro 2020, no moment will match the joy and relief of seeing Eriksen wave to the crowd on his way out of the stadium. The proactive actions of the players, referees and medical staff were nothing short of life-saving and the events that transpired at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen was another timely reminder that there are indeed some things, that are more important than football.


[Image Credit: International Champions Cup]