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A Kiss Of Death To Retain The WWE Title

Bianca Belair


Bianca Belair retained her SmackDown women’s championship against Bayley in one of the biggest wins of her young career at WWE’s Hell In A Cell.

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In her first-ever Hell In A Cell match, Bianca Belair showed us what all she is capable of. Despite Bayley carrying more experience inside the Cell (from her match with Sasha Banks last year) it was Bianca that looked more assured from the get-go as the two WWE stars gave it all inside the ring, often using different weapons at their disposal to damage each other.


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The battle lifted to a real high when Bayley set up two Kendo sticks between the ring and the Cell as she was looking to make a move on Belair and landed her on top of those kendo sticks. This incident also gave everyone a moment to laugh as Bayley told Michael Cole, the commentator to “Shut Up”, but the antics were pointless as seconds later, Belair reversed Bayley’s move and sent her through those very Kendo sticks with a spine buster. We saw Belair use her hair yet again as she tied her braid to Bayley’s wrist and kept on pounding on her opponent.

Bayley also had some big moments in the fight where she performed a perfect sunset flip bomb on Belair that sent her on to the Cell. Ladders came into play in the final stages of the match and as Bayley was trying to set up the Ladder she once again got reversed and ended up getting struck by Belair’s running senton and followed it up with the Kiss of Death onto an open ladder which knocked out Bayley and gave Bianca one of her biggest career victories.

What’s next for the Champion?

Bianca Belair is likely to defend her title in WWE’s next PPV which is the iconic SummerSlam. With this defeat, Bayley is clearly out of championship contention as she has failed to win a singles match since February. In recent weeks we have seen some interest shown by Carmella while the other option would be the return of Sasha Banks. This has a lot of uncertainty, but whatever the case may be, Bianca Belair is going to stick by what she said in April after winning the SmackDown title – “I want to be a fighting champion”!


[Image Credit: Bianca Belair]