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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Randy Orton

Randy Orton
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Since making his debut in 2002, Randy Orton has grown to become one of the hottest properties of the WWE universe and taken down many dangerous contenders along the way in some epic battles. Not to forget, he was also once a member of one of the greatest factions of all time, the Evolution.


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Here are eight facts that you may not know about the Apex Predator.

1. Started life as a Referee

Usually, when a wrestler starts his career, he joins the crew of a famous wrestler and shadows him and grows his career from there. The Viper though, found himself in the black and white striped shirt. We all know he comes from a wrestling background, which perhaps helped him get into different organizations but while he was still learning at the Mid Missouri Wrestling Association, Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling, Barry Orton (His Uncle) got him an opportunity to referee on the side at World Organized Wrestling

2. Youngest Heavyweight Champion in WWE

Randy Orton has been in the WWE Universe forever. He has worked with all kinds of superstars over these years and gone on to beat the best and thrill crowds globally. But Orton’s biggest moment of his career came in 2005 when he was given a shot at the title at Summer Slam against Chris Benoit. The Viper won the match which not only made him the champ but also made him the WWE’s youngest superstar to lift the World Heavyweight Title at the age of just twenty-four!

3. The Backstage Orton

Many of us around the world know the Randy Orton in the ring but only few have been privy to his temper issues which he has given glimpses of backstage. According to former WWE diva Rochelle Loewen, “If Orton didn’t like you, he didn’t hide it”. During the diva’s first day at the office, she said to roster backstage that she didn’t know who Orton was and thought he was “Canadian”, which made the Apex Predator absolutely livid. So much so, that he went to the diva’s Locker room and trashed almost everything of Loewen’s stuff.

4. Dangerous at Interviews

Randy Orton is a dangerous man to face, both in and outside the ring. Interviewers have had some of their toughest times interviewing the Apex Predator, as he is known to be short-tempered even with a mic in his face. There have been plenty of interviews where Orton has verbally attacked the interviewer and even thrown stuff like sunglasses at the broadcasters. One of the most iconic interviews came at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards where the interviewer thought that Orton didn’t deserve the Best Baddie Award, to which Orton replied very aggressively and terrified the interviewer.

5. Orton has served time

Randy Orton is know to be a hard man and a total badass and that behavior even existed when Randy Orton served his time in United States Marine Corps. Orton was enlisted and he received a bad conduct discharge after going AWOL twice. What’s worse is that he went on to still disobey his commanding officer which only made things poorer, and eventually, Orton was tried and convicted. This meant that The Viper was required to serve thirty-eight days in the Military Prison.

6. The Orton Family Legacy

There are a lot of families in the WWE Universe but nothing beats the Orton Family. Randy’s grandfather Bob Orton Sr. and his father Bob Orton Jr. have been very influential in Randy’s WWE career. Randy even had his Dad, Bob Orton Jr. as his manager by his side. Keeping Randy’s solo success aside, he shares a lot of major accomplishments with his father as well. The Father-Son duo became the first father-son duo to win the Rookie of the Year Honors.

7. Used CM Punk’s Theme song

The entrance music in WWE plays a huge part in a wrestler’s career and in many ways is a reflection of their personalities. When a fan hears the music, they know exactly which of their superstars is about to enter the ring and it’s a moment of high adrenaline. Before choosing Rev Theory’s – Voices as his theme song, Randy Orton tried out four other theme songs. Out of which one was, The Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage in 2006 which was formerly used by the world-famous wrestler- CM Punk before Punk started using “Cult of Personality” in 2011.

8. Won the WWE Title twice in one night

After an injury to John Cena in 2007, Vince McMahon awarded the title to Randy Orton at No Mercy. Triple H rushed into the ring and asked for a match for the title which was agreed by the WWE Chairman. The Game came out victorious and became the new Champ. Triple H was then forced to defend his title at the main event of No Mercy. Orton rose to the occasion and won the title to win the Championship twice in one night.


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