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6 TV Shows Every Sports Fan Must Watch (Part 2)

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Previously, we listed the 6 must-watch TV Shows all sports fans should watch which ranged from the inside story of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls to the method behind the madness of one of the greatest football coaches in modern history in Pep Guardiola. Just in case you have ticked all those shows off your list, we have got you covered for your next binge. Here are 6 more TV Shows you can tuck into that will keep you on the edge of your seat after a long day’s work.

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6. The English Game

Available on Netflix

While the English Game may not purely focus on the matters on the pitch, this six-episode Netflix Original miniseries does a great job at showcasing what the game of football represents. The mini-series set in the 1870s gives us a fascinating insight into the origins of the beautiful game, where passing was discouraged and formations were wildly different compared to today. This period epic also extends way beyond the football field and tackles the British class system and the social movements that impacted society and the beautiful game too. 

5. All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur

Available on Amazon Prime

The latest edition of Amazon’s All or Nothing series gives us intimate access to Tottenham Hotspur and with it, intimate access into the magic of Jose Mourinho. Narrated by Tom Hardy, the series takes a look at Tottenham’s rollercoaster 2019-20 season, where they replace managers mid-season, are marred by injuries and have to also deal with the interruption caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The All or Nothing Series has quickly become a must-watch for any sports fan and the like-able Tottenham Hotspur squad are showcased quite brilliantly through the eyes of Jose and the Directors of the show.

4. The Playbook: A Coach’s Rules for Life

Available on Netflix

Netflix’s The Playbook gives us unrivalled access to some of the greatest coaches sport has ever seen. The show provides valuable insight into the lessons of championship-winning coaches like Jose Mourinho, Doc Rivers and Jill Ellis among other legendary names. The series will leave you motivated to strive for excellence as these title-winning coaches discuss the adversities they have overcome and the strategies they have employed for success in life with great, applicable lessons to take away.

3. Ted Lasso

Available on Apple TV

Arguably one of the hottest shows of the last 12 months! US American Football coach Ted Lasso tries to coach a London Football club AFC Richmond to the top flight of English football, despite having no experience in association football. The comedy series sticks to a light tone and traces the rhythm of a warm, funny, feel-good story which often relegates sport to the background and focuses on Ted Lasso’s relationships formed with the people around him. The Golden Globe-nominated comedy-drama series Ted Lasso is not as intense as some of the other shows on this list, but we can guarantee you will fall in love with the characters by the end of the 10 episode season.

2. Drive to Survive

Available on Netflix

This adrenaline-pumping, high octane show gives us a great peek behind the curtain of the exciting, often exclusive world of Formula One. Drive to Survive does an excellent job of exploring the business, politics and pressure felt by owners, managers and drivers in the most enthralling motorsport competition in the world, a unique sport that brings together business, glamour, athleticism, technology and absolute spills and thrills on track! It’s a series that has seen a revival of fandom for Formula 1 and seen many new fans glued to the sport…and we totally understand why! 

1. Queen’s Gambit

Available on Netflix

The Queens Gambit took the world by storm upon its release late last year and was the most-watched limited series on Netflix within 1 month of its release, with 62 million accounts watching the show. Based on the novel by Walter Tevis, The Queens Gambit follows Beth Harmon on her journey in the chess world from prodigy to world champion. However more than the Chess, this period drama focuses on Beth’s internal battles with alcohol and drugs and the price one has to pay for being a genius. The show is a work of art that one has to see in all its glory to appreciate and no words can really do it any justice. The show has brought Chess back into the limelight and will probably have you ordering a Chessboard pretty quick, if you don’t already own one! 


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