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The Monsoon Footwear Lineup

Picture of young man with yellow shoes and motley umbrella in rainy street


Wet feet are a big no-no! Find yourself a pair of great rain shoes to keep your feet dry when it comes pouring.

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Splashing around in the rain is all fun and frolic until you realise that you have your shoes wet and they aren’t even those that dry fast! Ugh, the perils of monsoon! While one does go laid-back on their style this season, it’s the footwear that ties the look together. I must confess, I’m that person who has a look at your shoes before I even assess the clothes (first world problems of a stylist you may think. It’s true though). Monsoon footwear can be tricky to get right as the options aren’t too many. 

Nailing the monsoon shoe game is on our priority list at Man’s Life! Here are our top five picks to up your footwear game this rainy season!


The quintessential must-have footwear in every man’s wardrobe for this season. While flip flops do leave the occasional back splatter, it makes it all worth it with the fact that you can jump across puddles and wade in pothole pools without worrying about drying your footwear under the fan later. It is the kind of footwear you would choose while you run errands and want to catch up with your friends under the building. Flip-flops are more about comfort than style, and it also happens to be actor John Abraham’s go-to footwear of choice.

Pro Tip: Avoid flip-flops with a smooth sole, instead choose a pair that provides some friction and grip—so that you can walk past your crush instead of falling face first on the floor!


While it’s debatable whether foam clogs like Crocs are fashionable or not, their rain cred isn’t. Originally made with wood, clogs have come a long way from being protective gear to a fashion statement. Some foam clogs like the singer, designer Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runner come with holes and some brands like Birkenstock make them covered—we cannot deny  how comfortable and monsoon-friendly they are. The fit of the shoe combined with the material helps your feet breathe— goodbye, smelly feet!

Pro Tip: Foam clogs come in different colours and styles. Pick a neutral colour for your everyday wear as it fits seamlessly with your attire.


What is the one thing you depend on for safety in the rain—straps? If they are adjustable even better. When your feet and shoes get wet there are high chances your feet keep slipping off the shoe. Investing in good comfortable sandals that repel water and help you maintain grip is a lifesaver. Take notes from actor Ranveer Singh, who matches style and comfort with ease!

Pro Tip: Having a sandal with great ankle support can be a game-changer. The next time you go shopping for a pair of sandals, lookout for a pair that have straps or are slightly high top.


We at Man’s Life believe that reliable rain boots are must-haves. The ones that won’t get your feet wet even if you stand in flowing water for hours. Remember the gumboots we used to wear while going to school? Rain boots are one such piece of footwear that can change your monsoon game—they are simple, stylish and long-lasting! From brands like Hunter to work boot brands like Wolverine, rain boots are aplenty. Nothing to stop you from jumping into puddles now!

Pro Tip: Rain Boots can slide as you walk as they are looser than regular shoes. Wearing a pair of long socks prevents your feet from slipping and gives your ankles a stronger grip.


Shoes with rubber outsoles are ideal for this monsoon. Rubber soles provide a good grip and will not absorb water, providing you instant comfort. You do not want to be sitting with wet feet for the whole day now do you! Actor Ryan Reynolds does know a thing or two about wearing gum soled shoes and still looking hot!

Pro Tip: Wearing formal shoes during the rains can get hard. While we can not wear clogs or flip-flops to the office, wearing waterproof loafers with a rubber outsole is a big thumbs up! Invest in a few monsoon footwear with waterproof leather and rubber outsoles for an instant dapper formal look.

Finding yourself a pair of monsoon-friendly footwear just got a hella lot easier! Pick any or all of the above and have a smooth sailing monsoon!


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