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The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasts

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Podcasts aren’t new. They’ve, however, picked up pace in the last few years, and this medium of entertainment is here to stay. A format almost similar to that of radio—with a host and a topic with loads of discussion—podcasts can be anything between five minutes or an hour-long or more. Whether it’s crime, comedy, adventurous escapades, sports or just plain news, there is something for everyone.

Whether listening to podcasts is something you’ve picked up during this lockdown or if you are someone searching for something new to explore—we’ve got you covered! With new ones popping up almost every day on various platforms, finding the right podcast is definitely a task. We are here to help you with a few fun and insightful podcasts to listen to while doing your chores or unwinding with your favourite nightcap/cocktail after work. Here are five podcasts to get you started.


Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
[Source: Armchair Expert]

This is a podcast that revolves around people and them being human. It’s as laidback and fun as podcasts can get. American Actor Dax Shepard as a host is out there discovering, as he says, ‘human truths’ of guests from the likes of Prince Harry, Daniel Kahneman a psychologist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Comedian Seth Rogen and finding their vulnerability and shortcomings sexy. It’s a great way to learn something more about fan favourites that you may not find in their regular interviews.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify


883 To Infinity
[Source: 883 To Infinity]

Robert Morgan once said, “Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity.” That is exactly what hosts Suveer Bajaj, co-founder of Zoo Media and FoxyMoron from India, and Umair Kazi, founder of Ishtehari from Pakistan aim to do. 883 happens to be the distance from Mumbai to Karachi, two cities divided by borders, but united by heritage and culture. The show is all about the historic link between the cities and dissecting content, culture and creativity while talking about topics that matter in today’s age and time. The stories from across the border sound so similar, after all, we are all more alike than different—and that’s exactly what the podcast is trying to tell us.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify


The Trypod
[Source: The Shorty Awards]

You probably are living under a rock if you do not know who The Try Guys are. Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang are comedians from the digital generation. They are co-workers-turned-best-friends, who have survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators and been part of everything crazy. This podcast dissects their experience as creators and is a fun and comical insight into their lives. There is controversy, there is chaos and there is everything The Try Guys are known for. It’s light-hearted and fun, and perhaps the best way to end an especially long, hard day.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify


Is Romnace Dead?
[Source: Deadant]

Wikipedia says romance or romantic love is an emotional feeling of love for or a strong attraction towards another person. Is that what love is all about? In this new age and time of social media and WFH with zero socialising, follow comedian Kaneez Surka and Bumble India, as they pave their way through the minds of musicians, artists, physiologists and even wedding planners to know what it takes to create a moment of romance. Is it books, music, travel or flowers? Listen to the podcast to find the answers to the big question, is romance dead?

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify


Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast
[Source: Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast]

This one is for the tech-heads and gadget lovers, brought to you by the OG Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD. He has made a name for himself on social media platforms with over 10 years of experience in reviewing everything from the newest smartphones and cameras to electric cars. Along with co-host Andrew Manganelli, this podcast keeps you informed and entertained about the latest and greatest technology that deserves your money.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify


In the Dark
[Source: Pinterest]

Hosted by the assertive and competent Madeleine Baran, this trumps any other crime podcast whether true crime or otherwise. Each season of the show revolves around crimes with failed investigations or wrongful arrests. No other podcast has had a real-life impact as this one. That is because of the spectacular investigation for season two by the team of In The Dark on Curtis Flowers, a Mississippi man who was tried six times for four murders. Flowers’s latest conviction was overturned by the US Supreme Court, which amongst many pieces of evidence considered the shortcomings and erroneous prosecution uncovered and discussed in this podcast.  A must-listen for insights and discover what true crime reporting is all about.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Thank God, for technology, right? Explore the world of podcasts—the topics are endless and choices are many—and you may just find the one that clicks. Tune into one when you need a break from the mundane.


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