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The Art Of Power Dressing

Male model in a suit posing in front of wooden doors
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Want to catch the eye of someone you fancy? Or dress to stand out from the crowd or the gallery mode of your Zoom call (Ah, the times we live in)? A man who knows the power of dressing right has got some serious fashion chops. Making the right impression with your clothes is what power dressing is all about. Looking good does not need to have a timer set on it. Commanding a crowd gets a tad easier if you know exactly how to dress to impress. It is your time to shine with these easy tips on how to power dress. Apoorva Bhardwaj, founder and creative director of Delhi-based fashion brand PODITU says “Power is gender-neutral, and clothing should be the same. Power dressing should not be confined to blues, blacks and straight cuts. It should be about feeling immensely confident and powerful in whatever you wear from prints to colours to a wide variety of cuts. The world is getting more exploratory and men should not be judged upon being open to the same.” 


Confidence is Key: Walking into a room wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable, will run down your confidence. The power signals you send out depends on the image you create for your audience. Don’t follow trends, blindly. Make them your own, with confidence and without losing your personal style. 

Here’s a Man’s Life tip: For creating impact, replace that boring monotonous suit in your closet with a pinstripe one! Or if you’re feeling a little braver than usual, swap with a plain double-breasted suit jacket. The change is subtle, but the effect is huge! For extra brownie points, choose a bespoke one. 

Complimentary Key Accessories:  A dress jacket or suit just by itself is like a lone warrior, what you need is the right armour to amplify it. In the case of power dressing, accessories are your armour. A watch is a classic, statement piece that is a must-have; an elegant addition to enhancing your look. Cufflinks, pocket squares and ties are another excellent way to add to your overall appearance. Don’t forget your trusty dress shoes. Invest in good, well-made shoes and elevate your calibre as a power dresser.

Chop that Crop: Power dressing isn’t limited to just clothing. That unruly mop of hair that you decided to grow out during the lockdown needs trimming. Your favourite hairstylist may not be available, but don’t shy away from learning new skills this summer. Get that trimmer and buzz off your hair into a fade. The most versatile and right up the corporate alley, a frequent haircut can pull together an otherwise sloppy look.

Rules are Meant to be Broken: Now that you know the rules of the game, bend it to your liking. Not all CEOs walk in with a full suit or conduct a Zoom meeting with slick hair. Treat fashion rules as just guidelines, but what you make of it, is on your individuality. Swap that fancy dress shoe for a branded sneaker, a pocket watch for a classy fountain pen, don’t be afraid to twist and turn your style around. Fashion should revolve around you and not the other way around. 

Power dressing is for everybody. The next time you decide to get ready for an important meeting, you know what to do. Get ready, set your hair and walk out of the door at 10x speed, and tell us IF you don’t feel like a boss. 


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