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Summer Hair-Care 101

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Get your mane through the hot-as-hell days

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On paper, summertime is an evocative scene from a Disney film—cerulean waters, clear-blue skies and a male protagonist with the perfect coif wooing a dame! In real life though, your hair looks like a hot mess! During the hotter months, your hair has to battle humidity, a sweaty scalp, sun damage and heat. Fear not! We’ve got a comprehensive summer hair-care plan in place for you…. 


Have you ever thought about why your hair is like a well-behaved child during the cooler months? It doesn’t have to deal with humidity—the kryptonite to your carefully-maintained locks! Hair will frizz during warmer weather due to the overload of moisture making its way into the hair strands and binding to the protein (keratin) inside. People with curly hair tend to be more at risk of frizz—they wouldn’t need to refer to a weather forecast to say it’s summer!  Remember that famous Friends episode with Monica’s crazy hair, in humid Barbados? 

Audrey D’Souza, Head of Styling, TIGI India, explains,  “As the temperatures rise in the summer, so does humidity. Hairstyling in summer should be all about keeping your hair and scalp clean. Greasy, oily or dirty hair is not a good look on anyone. It’s important to choose a shampoo and conditioner based on both your hair type as well as the weather/season.” An oily and sweaty scalp can also lead to dandruff. She recommends choosing a shampoo with peppermint extract along with conditioning agents—which will keep the scalp clean, fresh and cool, and help it retain its natural moisture.

TIP: Avoid stepping out of the house with wet hair, as humidity affects the hair texture, and will only make it look drier and frizzier. “Always air-dry your hair or use a blow-dryer on medium heat.” 


Go in for a hair spa at the salon once every 20 days to maintain your hair health. Choose one which works for dry, dull hair and will leave your hair softer, shinier and frizz-free. A monthly hair spa is highly recommended for coloured locks, as it helps maintain the colour vibrancy and texture of the hair.

TIP: According to D’Souza, the TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme recovery treatment is a must-try for those with damaged, lifeless hair. “It has been clinically proven to repair internal damage and restore a year’s worth of protein back to your hair in just five minutes.”


The right styling products will make the difference between manageable hair and a balloon-like frizzy mop on your head. “Styling products will protect your hair from humidity as well as the heat from styling tools—adding shine, softness and natural movement to your hair,” she adds. Going a little lighter on your usual heavy-duty styling product will certainly be a good start! Product build-up can make the hair appear greasy when sweat is added to the mix and result in a flaky scalp.

Must-haves in your hair-care arsenal…

Shampoo: Since you’ll be sweating a lot more, you may just have to wash your hair daily. It’s not ideal for your hair, so use a sulphate-free, gentle shampoo fit for daily washing. Just scrub the roots for cleaning the scalp, and let the ends be—simply let the shampoo rinse through the ends as you wash it off.

Conditioner: In summer, swap your regular conditioner with an anti-frizz conditioner that helps reduce and prevent frizzing and puffing!

Hair masque: Switch your conditioner for a masque during hotter months, as these are much thicker and penetrate deeper into the hair follicle—keeping your hair smooth and frizz-free.

For styling: Always use a heat-protectant before blow-drying your hair. Use a fixing spray or a light matt clay to style your hair: These will create a barrier on top of the hair so the moisture/humidity can’t find a way in.

For coloured hair: Coloured mane needs even more care during summer. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for coloured hair, and use a serum or leave-in conditioner with UV protection.

While shorter hair is easier to maintain during summer, you can still manage a longer hairstyle with the right care and products. Plus, use a hat—an essential summer accessory—as it not only protects your hair/face from sun damage, but also takes your style game up a notch!


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