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Standing Desks Are Here To Save The Day

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These will save us from our sedentary hell.

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The saga of long hours of working has been ingrained into us by now. Being seated, forever stuck to our desks—what a life! It needn’t be that way always though! Say goodbye to tight hips and painful legs, an obvious by-product of sitting for too long by gifting yourself a good standing desk.

Many companies like Google, are giving the employees a choice of opting for one. We all know how a sedentary lifestyle is harmful in the long run, it totally makes sense to get a standing desk for WFH as well! It may take a little getting used to. Here are a few options to choose from….



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A standing desk converter is a device that converts a regular sit-down desk to a stand-up desk. The converter can be kept on top of your regular desk, and you can adjust the height accordingly. So if you already have a good desk, and don’t want to spend money on a new one; a converter that doesn’t take up extra space in your house is the way to go. Place a laptop or computer on the top level and a keyboard if you need one on the lower tier. It is an easy addition to your existing workspace!



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This comes with a fixed dimension and is a good option. A fixed standing desk can be customised for you and can be a complementary accessory in terms of furniture to the rest of the house.



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This adjustable standing desk is great for you if you want a new desk altogether! They are standalone units that give you the power to adjust its height to your requirement. You can sit and you can stand with this kind of desk. Though the desk converter gives you the same benefit, what it lacks is desk space. A manual crank standing desk requires you to use your hands regularly to crank the desk up and down and can be troublesome for most. Make sure you try the manual crank before buying it to ensure it is smooth and up to your liking.



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Also known as the electric standing desk, this one’s meant for those who love to live a life of convenience: You can adjust the height with a click of a few buttons. With customisable buttons to move your desk up and down, the powered standing desk is easy to use. Unlike the hand crank standing desk, this requires zero physical exertion. This one’s going to be a little heavy on your pocket, but it’s truly worth every penny!



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If you’re someone who’s always on the go or moving from meeting-to-meeting, the portable standing desk is the one for you. You can carry around your desk and laptop with ease. These desks needn’t be larger, but can be ergonomically made to suit your needs.



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The most fun desk of the lot has to be the exercise standing desk! We know standing helps burn calories but it’s barely anything! What if you could actually exercise while working? Exercise standing desks come with a treadmill or stationary exercise bike attached to a desk. It’s a fun way of getting your daily dose of exercise while working!

All of the desks are a search away on e-commerce websites. Remember, as great as it is to stand and burn calories, you gotta give your legs a break: Have a chair close by to rest or to sit-down and work during a timeout from all that standing! 


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