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Must-Have Monsoon Accessories

Man in Glasses, Wearing a Jeans Coat and Square Shirt is Using a Smartphone Under an Umbrella


The rain gods have answered our prayers, now is the time to keep everything protected.

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It is finally pouring and we are doing our happy dance! While it’s great to enjoy the rains while we sit indoors with a cup of chai in hand, stepping out in the torrential rain is gruesome. Staying dry and keeping your clothes and essentials might seem like an obvious thing people would do, but you will be surprised at how often we overlook these basic necessities! 

So, here’s our round-up of 5 must-have accessories for the wet months!


No, we are not underestimating your intelligence. However, how many times have you stepped out without an umbrella despite knowing that it’s the monsoon season? We have all been there and done that! While the options for your umbrella are many, be sure to pick one that suits your work profile. If you are somebody who carries more bags than your two arms can carry, and works as a fashion stylist like me, you need a wide umbrella. One that covers you and those countless bags!

Pro Tip: It isn’t always necessary to pick up fancy umbrellas, the humble black one can do the job just fine. Just remember to carry it the next time you step out, you do not want to be soaking wet now do you?


If holding an umbrella for very long isn’t your thing, opt to go handsfree by investing in a raincoat. It sure transports you back to school, but who says adults can’t make raincoats fun. The designs are modern and monsoon-friendly. It comes in varying lengths, one that keeps your upper body dry to a full length that will keep you dry as the Sahara

Pro Tip: Carry a bag along with you to keep your raincoat in when you get indoors. Creating water pools around your leg is not cool. You want to keep the floors indoors dry too.


Rain boots or gumboots are the most fun waterproof shoes to wear this monsoon. Splashing around in puddles without worrying about wet toes and stinky feet is what monsoon fashion is made of. Like raincoats, even boots come in different lengths, so pick one that best suits your style and job.

Pro Tip: When it comes to rain boots you can go crazy with the colours and prints. You can easily stand out by choosing to wear bright boots with a neutral coloured outfit.


We know that nowadays all phones come with the additional feature of being waterproof. With the kind of rain we have here, it’s okay to be a little more cautious. Getting yourself a water-repellant phone cover can be a saviour. You can now stop worrying about your mobile getting drenched and clogged with moisture and be free to swing it out any time you need.

Pro Tip: If buying phone covers doesn’t cut it for you, invest in a waterproof pouch that can house all your handheld electronics at once. All you need is to carry that pouch and you are good to go, rain or no rain.


We love a good watch, especially ones that tell time! Sorry (dad joke)! Jokes apart, a watch can make or break your outfit. Getting a classic, expensive watch drenched is a bad idea, but investing in waterproof watches isn’t! From high end to inexpensive brands, each has a variant that is monsoon proof.

Pro Tip: If you are too afraid to take your expensive waterproof watch for a spin, invest in a less expensive yet stylish water-repellant watch when you have to step out to run errands.


While we are busy talking about keeping our electronics in pouches, where do we keep the pouches? In waterproof, stylishly designed bags and backpacks of course! There are plenty of options to choose from! Kiss your worries of a soaking wet bag away by gifting yourself a waterproof one!

Pro Tip: If you are one of those in many who love to put your fashion foot forward, get yourself a PVC bag. It’s transparent, rainproof and will put you up the fashion ladder.

Word of caution: It is transparent, so be sure to organise your bag well.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, so it’s best to protect ourselves from any other rain-related illness that will affect our immunity! Keep these monsoon accessories handy and enjoy the rains while it lasts!


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