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Meal Kits For Cooking Noobs

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Looks like you can make more than just instant noodles in a few minutes!

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Cooking isn’t for everybody and that is okay. Not everyone is a culinary genius, and some entrepreneurs saw a business opportunity in this! They decided to play saviour and come up with the idea of DIY meal kits for you to put together in a jiffy. So, if you are just plain lazy or someone who is a cooking newbie, we at Man’s Life are here to help. Here are 5 DIY meal kits for you to put together on days that you want something extra special without the extra effort!



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Sushi making takes years of precision and practise, but what if we told you that you can make sushi for dinner tonight? Enter Chefling’s 100% vegetarian Cook-It-Yourself (CIY) Sushi Kit that delivers pan India! With step-by-step guides and pre-measured portions with top-notch ingredients sourced all the way from Japan and China, this kit is as simple to put together as it is to eat. All you’ve got to do is add veggies! You can make a variety of sushi with the ingredients available, like the Paradise Roll or the Hawaiian Roll to name a few.



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Want to make some Mexican food at home, but don’t know how? We have been there too so we looked around and voila, we found The Mexican Box. This newly launched Mumbai-based food delivery kitchen not only serves you authentic Mexican meals, but also DIY kits. So go ahead and plan a fun meal over the weekend with their DIY Fajita Kits that come with corn masa tortillas, choice of meat and all that goes into making a fantastic fajita.



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If you are somebody who craves food from across countries and cannot figure your way through the ingredients, we have a one-stop-shop for your assistance—The Table Treat Company. Started by Shagun Bhartia, they deliver vegetarian DIY food kits from across the world in the city of Mumbai. From her Khow Suey, to Singaporean Laksa Bowls, her Mezze Platter and Soft Shell Taco meal kit, the options of food for you to put together are endless. Mumbaikars, don’t wait any longer, order away now!



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Healthy eating be damned, on some days, you just want some greasy burgers! You order in and you have a soaked bun and some limp lettuce, yuck! There is a solution of course—make it yourself. No, not grinding the meat and all that jazz: You just build your own burger, guys! If you are from Delhi and haven’t ordered the DIY Burger Kits from Aku’s The Burger Co, you are missing out. From lamb and chicken to wild mushrooms and other vegetarian options, they offer a great assortment of burgers. Invite a few friends over, and show off your newly acquired burger-making skills!



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Everyone loves a little gourmet food once in a while. Imagine if we could make it at home, and wow our followers on Insta (how can we not post pictures on the ’Gram?) and surprise our family members? Big Fat Essentials offers you ready-to-cook meals across Delhi, with sauce and dips aplenty. You can now make Sourdough toast with cream cheese topped with salad in a jiffy thanks to their kits.

Turns out, there’s an easier way to hone your cooking skills without making a mess of your kitchen!  Eating out every day isn’t really the best option, so order in these meal kits and get cooking!


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