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Man’s Guide On Watches For Every Single Occasion

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Watches should be a part of a man’s sartorial legacy.

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Erik Ku once said, “Watches are very personal things—expressions of who you are.” The watch’s an accessory that ties an entire look together.  You know that the costume team on a film has got the characterisation right when you see the first shot of the watch on the actor’s hand. Be it Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man or Tom Hanks saving the day in the film Apollo 13 because of his watch, this fine piece of machinery has influenced art and culture around the world.

The humble watch says a lot about the wearer’s personality. Whether a man is filthy rich or a sports junkie, the watch they decide to wear is the identifier. There are a plethora of options available in the market for everybody. Don’t shy away from investing in a good watch. A small step towards this wrist accessory can go a long way.  Let’s dive into the world of watches and how to wear them.




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The face of the watch has a mini clock depicting 12 hours. It comes with an hour hand, minutes hand and sometimes a second hand that tick along the roman numbers depicted on the watch.
Man’s Life Style Tip: A day out with friends or family calls for a simple outfit. An analogue watch is the perfect pairing for jeans and a T-shirt to spend the day in.



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Remember the vintage Casio watches that made a comeback a few years ago?  A digital watch like the name suggests, as numbers without a dial or ticking hands!
Man’s Life Style Tip: Aren’t we all waiting for the day where we can catch up with our friends at our favourite eatery or watering hole? When that day comes take your digital watch for a spin and chill in your chinos and loose shirt.



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An automatic watch doesn’t require winding as the energy to run the watch is stored in a half-disk metal weight called a rotor in the back that rotates as the hand moves. A watch that operates due to the motion of the wearer’s wrist!  Few Automatic Watches have a transparent back that lets you see the mechanism at work.
Man’s Life Style Tip: A slightly more decorative watch, this requires an occasion to be worn at. A dinner date maybe? If you’re dressing to impress, this should be your watch of choice!



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The most elegant of watches, a dress watch oozes sophistication. A watch that is a showstopper that isn’t bejewelled or gaudy. Its sole purpose is to tell the time minus the extra paraphernalia. It’s understated and as the name suggests, is best worn on special occasions.
Man’s Life Style Tip: Business meetings demand you to be formal: You need to be dressed sharp and the outfit should only add to your confidence. So, for that very reason, the dress watch and a suit are a match made in fashion heaven!



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In simple words, it’s a fancy stopwatch used to measure periods of time! Chronographs can be visually distinguished by their two or three sub-dials and two pushers that start and stop the chronograph function without interfering with the watch.
Man’s Life Style Tip: We can only dream of being on vacation now. However, you need a watch that is durable yet stylish to stand out when you are vacationing. A chronograph watch can complete the lazy man having fun on a holiday look with aplomb.



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A battery-powered watch, a quartz watch creates an electrical current that passes through a quartz crystal to make it work. This watch needs tending in terms of battery changes and safekeeping to prevent battery leakage.
Man’s Life Style Tip: A weekend getaway with friends or a conference you have to attend calls for a quartz watch. Pair it with shorts and a loose shirt and if you are going formal, team it with a well-ironed suit. With just the right panache, this watch elevates your look ten folds.



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A watch that works on the principle of a grandfather clock. Unlike a quartz watch, the mechanical watch doesn’t run on battery but has to be wound by hand. Driven by a spring this is the watch that has the characteristic ticking sound.
Man’s Life Style Tip: This watch is ideal for daily business casual wear. Fit to be worn with formal shirts or trousers of any kind, this watch is going to make you stand apart from the rest.



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Remember Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun? The watches that they wear, unimaginatively, is called a pilot watch.  Also known as an ‘aviator watch’, it is stylish and durable. An aviation timepiece, this is a watch that is rugged and can be worn by all.
Man’s Life Style Tip: Worn on all occasions, it’s an everyday mens watch. Wear it however you like, with shorts or trousers; there are no set rules for wearing this one!



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Smartwatches are the newest addition to the world of watches. A smartphone strapped on your wrist, this novel piece of technology helps monitor your heart rate and lets you even pick calls on a watch!
Man’s Life Style Tip: A few amongst you might want a break from the boring usual WFH life and spend some meaningful time connecting with oneself. That could mean you getting into meditation or finding a new form of exercise. A smartwatch goes well with your sports/gym gear or athleisure wear. 



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Every watch connoisseur appreciates the precision and handcrafted complications a watch has. Luxury watches cater to such an audience. Watch collectors are people who like to buy the rarest of watches set in expensive metal and encased in jewels for exorbitant prices! If you can afford one, go for it! 
Man’s Life Style Tip: Those who own luxury watches are definitely going to places of importance. A watch worn to showcase its beauty and exclusivity is best paired with a tuxedo, dress jacket or a fully bespoke suit.

Whatever the occasion might be, a watch is a must-have in your wardrobe. Choosing a watch can be overwhelming with all the options one has to keep in consideration. Once you crack the code for these timepieces, getting ready for an event and looking your part ain’t going to be difficult. Also if you happen to be somebody who collects watches, it might be a good idea to invest in a case. Watches need good looking after, as long as you keep them clean away from dust and extremely harsh conditions your watches can be passed on for generations to come.


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