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Limited Series Comics To Read Today

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The occasional mini-series of comics always make the best reads!

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Comic book lovers, assemble! We all know at least one friend who is obsessed with comics. Publishing houses have often presented long-term running series that we are oh-so-familiar with. Every now and then, most of them also come up with limited series of your beloved characters with editions that are much sought after because they’re available for a short time! We at Man’s Life thought about putting together a short list of limited series comics to read today!


Batman And Robin Eternal was a weekly series that was the follow up to the Batman Eternal one. In a way, DC Comics started this series as a tribute to the 75th anniversary of Robin’s character. This limited series focuses on all the people who have at one time or the other assumed the role of Robin. Set in a time after the death of Batman, the narrative switches between the present and the past, as various versions of Robin fight an enemy from the past.

2. THE ETERNALS (2008)

The Eternals movie is out, but if you need a clearer picture of the characters, the limited series comic book in the same moniker is a good place to start. The Marvel Universe introduced The Eternals as humanoids with superpowers that were created by the ‘celestials’ to protect the planets from the ‘deviants’, a group of monsters. Written by Neil Gaima, The Eternals awakens the Eternals after they’ve been unconsciously turned into mortals. While the story is built on a cosmic level, the concept can get rather confusing! His writing actually helps you understand the concept so much better!


This three-issue series was published in 1988 by Archie Comics. Set in another reality from the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT), this series follows the adventures of the titular characters, Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and their rat sensei, Splinter. The first three issues are adapted from the first five episodes of the 1987 TV series: Turtle Tracks, Enter the Shredder, A Thing About Rats, Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X, and Shredder & Splintered. A collector’s item at best, the limited series sure changed the trajectory of TMNT and its future.

4. VISION (2016)

This two-volume series written by Tom King for Marvel is unquestionably one of the best adaptations that shows Vision as human as possible. The series follows Vision’s need for a normal human life: He builds a family of his own and as expected the more he tries to fit in, the more chaos ensues. The writing is raw, and makes it a comic book that can be read again and again!

5. CATWOMAN (1989)

Written by Mindy Newell and illustrated by Joe Brozowski, Catwoman Vol 1 is a mini-series with four issues in it. ‘In the ruins of innocence, Batman’s enemy is born’, with that written across the comic book cover, we know that we are in for a treat. The story deviates from the classic Catwoman story and talks about a new origin story! With the new Batman movie making the rounds and with Catwoman playing such an important character, it only seems right to include this comic book series in this list!

6. THE MULTIVERSITY (2014-2015)

Set in the DC Multiverse of The New 52, The Multiversity is a limited series of interrelated one-shots. The story written by Grant Morrison talks about the multiverse being invaded by The Gentry—the bad guys. This inter-dimensional threat has to be fought by various heroes from across the multiverse. The unique part of this comic is that each comic is illustrated by a different artist, making this series unique and visually appealing!

The list could have been a lot longer, as we are sure we’ve left out more than a few. Let’s start slow though! Some of these limited series are actually available for sale online, so don’t wait any longer! Buy them now and read to your heart’s content!


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