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Key Menswear Trends For 2022

Siddhant Chaturvedi Fashion Trends 2022


Fashion got a lot more interesting this year!

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Each year brings another wave of fashion trends. Most, if not all, are left confused about what exactly they are. We at Man’s Life thought why not help out and make a list of key trends for menswear this year. After scrolling through scores of IG posts and images of fashion shows, and many looks later, we have narrowed it down to the select few we know will be BIG. The thing with fashion is that it is forever changing and adapting! We know the times are tough around the world, but we all need a respite by looking at things that give us hope for the future, so we turned to fashion!



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Varsity jackets made a comeback at the end of last year and they are here to stay. This sporty outerwear is all over social media, and can be seen on stars and in thrift stores—it’s selling like hotcakes. One would have thought that these jackets would have been left behind on the school grounds, but boy we couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s the type of jacket that makes you look young and exudes a sense of excitement from those who wear them. Thrift stores like the Bombay Closet Cleanse have been dropping thrifted varsity jacket collections quite regularly. These jackets can be paired with jeans, loose chinos and even sweatpants. Wear it with boots or sneakers and bam, you are good to go!



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Apparently, we cannot get enough of wearing denim on denim. Be it singer, rapper Kanye West’s now-infamous denim on denim look for the Kenzo fashion show this year, or actors closer to home like Shahid Kapoor and Dhairya Karwa dressing up in this look—there is no denying that this trend is going to be a staple throughout the year. We had stylist Anisha Jain style actor Rajkumar Rao in a denim-on-denim look with a jacket from designer Dhruv Kapoor during the promotions of his recent film, and that really shows that we are up and about using this trend already. As intimidating as it sounds, wearing an entire denim look isn’t that hard. While shade matching could be problematic, we say ditch that bias and find complementary shades of denims to pair. The effect will still be the same and the impact, even better.



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We tripped on the bomber jacket collection in Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2022 collection showcased this year and did you have a look at the bomber jacket in Govinda Mehta’s Raisson D’être new collection? Amazing! You don’t need to drain out of your pockets to get one either, as most affordable brands have great options! Be it e-commerce websites or homegrown designers like Gaurav Gupta making them, bomber jackets are quite the rage. While it’s the simplest of jackets to own and probably a basic must-have, nothing stops it from being the center of attention. Brands like Sarah & Sandeep have recently launched their bespoke tailored athleisure line, where the bomber jacket makes quite a statement. They are versatile and in all honesty, a style that can go from being used for summer layering to autumn/winter jackets in a jiffy.



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There is nothing more sophisticated than men who wear clothes that are tailored for them. Designer brands like that of Govinda Mehta’s Raisson D’être are experts in bespoke tailoring, basically making you look your best and getting clothes made to fit you to the T. Gone are the days that one had to settle for sizes that were pre-decided for us. This is a good time to reiterate the fact that, ‘clothes are made for your body and not the other way round’. Don’t be ashamed to be a certain size because that is what customised tailoring is for. Let’s embrace this trend and wow the ladies and gents with your impeccable style and tailored garments.



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Faux leather is making a comeback. Leather in general gets a bad rap, as people think it’s a difficult fabric to wear and pair.  In actuality, its versatility makes it shine! From Prada making their statement overcoats to Sacai jackets, faux leather have speckled the runway this year. We are chuffed that 2022 is all about the leather jacket, leather pants and for all we know, faux leather undies! Be it biker jackets or even blazers and pants made of leather, this trend won’t be leaving us alone anytime soon. Team with some jeans and have a good pair of boots handy for you to try with the look. Would we recommend a full leather look? Of course, but with a fair warning: Try it only if you are bold enough, and can ensure that you won’t end up in a situation like Ross from the sitcom Friends. Yes, ‘talcum powder’ is your best friend while wearing tight leather pants, hahaha!



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If you thought this year did not have enough drama, 2022 trends have decided to top it! There is OTT and then, there is this. Monogrammed co-ord sets are all the rage. Be it Gucci or Louis Vuitton internationally or Dhruv Kapoor closer home this statement piece has been making the rounds. It will take someone as bold as actor Ranveer Singh or singer Diljit Dosanjh to pull off this look, as they do it with ease. Look, we know that this trend isn’t for everyone, but what makes it part of the list is the fact that we are inching towards fashion that is experimentative and out of the comfort zones for many. A little pat on the back is a must!

While fashion week showcases hordes of trends not all of it makes its way across the globe. The Indian fashion scene is deeply influenced by what happens in the West, though there are designers back here who are trendsetters in their own way. While couture brands and big fashion houses showcase their collections which set the pace for these trends, it doesn’t take long for it to trickle down to high street and affordable fashion brands that we have easy access to. These trends, in particular, have made their mark in India and we are hoping to see more in the coming months. Lakmé Fashion Week in India is two weeks away and we are waiting with bated breath to watch what our designers will do next!


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