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How To Wear Monochrome

Vicky Kaushal


When all else fails, go back to the basics.

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We have come so far, in the fashion journey at Man’s Life that it only seems obvious that we tackle this topic that most consider boring. NOT us though, as we think this way of styling is pure fashion excellence! Yes, monochrome does seem monotonous when you think of it, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. Be it actor, singer, activist Jared Leto or actor Rohit Saraf, monochrome is a part of their closet. Let’s break it down and put together some monochromatic pieces for you to slay along the way.


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In simple words, it’s: Single (mono) colour (chrome)!  By that definition, the outfit you wear will have a single colour theme running through it. Monochromatic dressing shouldn’t remind you only of actor Jeetendra dancing on the hook step of Taki Oh Taki Re, it in fact should rekindle your romance for pristine and refined dressing like Simi Garewal (are we too old for quoting this reference? Nah, fashion is timeless so is her love for monochrome).  We don’t want any of you to live in the past, so we curated a list of how to wear your monochromes to fit the present.



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It’s a misconception that you can only wear a single hue throughout when we say monochrome. Couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when it comes to bold and bright colours! Try incorporating different shades of the same colour. Play with tints and tones to create a balance so that a single shade doesn’t overpower your outfit. Match a mauve hoodie with purple shorts or a light grey turtleneck with charcoal grey chinos.



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Want to look dapper? Pick neutral monochromatic looks. It’s the most tried and tested way of acing monochrome outfits. You think of trench coats, you think of a neutral colour. Pick that as a base and build the rest of your look around that colour. Shades of brown will always make you stand apart from the rest when you put it all in one outfit.



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To make a monochromatic outfit visually pleasing, you have to add something that is eye-catching. What better way to do that than by using textures? Incorporating tonal textures in an outfit of the same shade adds depth and subtle contrast, making it a sartorial hit. Textures could mean different fabrics in the same shade or fabric manipulation to add a couture touch to your monochromatic garment!



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The denim on denim look is a classic one, and probably one of the most sought out monochromatic looks. You cannot go wrong with a denim shirt and jeans. If you like things extra, go for shades of blue denim and put actor, singer Justin Timberlake to shame!



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You cannot underestimate the power of good accessories. When it comes to monochromatic outfits the more the better. It also helps in accentuating your one-tone outfits. Matching your belt with the shade of pants you are wearing or adding a cap to match your tee is one way to go about it. Keep your accessories interesting to add that extra dash of fun when playing dress-up.



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We say this often and we cannot help reiterating how important prints and patterns are to your outfits. Monochromes do not have to be plain! Play with printed monochromatic separates or just wear a tie-dye co-ord set. It’s dynamic and fun, and everything, but boring!



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What we mean to say is, go ‘achromatic’—choose outfits without colour. There are just two sets of colours that are really not colours—black and white. When in doubt choose either of the colours to match and pair into a monochromatic outfit. You could go goth grunge with all black or try being angelic with your full-on white ensemble. Either of them is your best bet when you’re at crossroads on what colour to choose.

The best part of monochromatic dressing is the fact that it isn’t restrictive to any specific colour. Pick any shade from the spectrum and get playing!


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