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How To Pick Up The Right Suit

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Looking dapper just got easier.

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Fashion is a labyrinth that you can easily get lost in. There are a plethora of styles, silhouettes, fits and occasion-driven garments to choose from. Chaos! When it comes to men and men’s fashion though, we at Man’s Life are here to help. Whether you are off to an interview or on the way to a wedding reception you would know that there are different styles of men’s suits available you can choose from. There is no doubt that when it comes to refined dressing, men’s suits give you an instant sartorial high, but how do you choose the perfect suit for you? It isn’t hard to find the style that fits you right really, all you need to figure out is your individualistic style and we are good to go.

Men’s suits are as dynamic as they get, and each occasion asks for a different one. While we can keep going on about the different things to look out for while buying a suit, let’s keep it simple to the bare essentials. Men’s suits are simple to decipher if you have the right guide. Thanks to the growth of e-commerce websites, all the best suits for men are collated in one spot with one click.


The best suits for men revolve around the perfect fit. If you get that right, the rest of the accessories will fall right in place. There are a few basic suit fits that you must keep in mind while shopping for men’s suits next time.

▶ Slim – Fit Suit

Slim - Fit Suit


If you need a suit that highlights your body the best, opt for the slim fit suit. It tapers around the waist, giving the illusion of broader shoulders, highlighting the V-shaped body. The trousers, just like the jacket, will give you a slimming effect making it a must-have suit in your closet. This is best worn for casual outings, as the jacket is shorter than the regular suit jacket, falling a little below the waist and with cropped trousers.

▶ Skinny – Fit Suit

Skinny - Fit Suit


The skinny-fit suit leaves you with a suit jacket that hugs your body like no other. It’s a suit for youngsters since it has a youthful look and feel to it. The trousers are super skinny and body-hugging. The suit looks best on men who are tall and lean, as it accentuates the best part of their body. This suit jacket is short and narrower on the chest, leaving you with little breathing space. Having said that, you’re bound to grab eyeballs whenever you step out wearing this style! 

▶ Modern Fit Suit

Modern Fit Suit


A modern fit suit finds itself between a slim-fit and a classic suit. With a narrow waist and squared-off shoulders, this one is a must-have in your suit arsenal. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy wearing suits that fit too tight yet want to look your sartorial best, opt for a modern fit suit. The trousers are narrow yet roomy enough to let your legs breathe. With the right accessories, you can turn this one from a casual men’s suit to a business suit.

▶ Classic Fit Suit

Classic Fit Suit


This is the OG of men’s suits. Jack of all suits. Get it? A classic tailor’s silhouette, something you would find in a Raymond store. It has a regular fit, one that is traditional at its best. Timeless as it is, regular fit suits are roomy and provide you with freedom of movement. The pants fall beyond your ankle and generally have a straight cut. Perfect for business meetings and interviews, the classic fit suit will inevitably find its way into your wardrobe some way or the other. If not, it must!


What’s a lapel you ask? Well, it’s the part right below the collar of the suit that is placed on either side of the front opening. When it comes to men’s suits, lapel styles are important to dress up according to your body type and the occasions that you choose to wear your suits. Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of lapels…

▶ Notch Lapel

Notch Lapel


It’s called the notch lapel because it creates a notch or a V where the collar meets the lapel. The most common lapel found in men’s suits, it’s a mix of both traditional and contemporary lapels. This is a lapel that will never go out of style and is best worn by people who want to look broader.

▶ Peak Lapel

Peak Lapel


A peak lapel is the most dramatic of lapels. This lapel style peaks upwards towards the shoulders, thereby getting its name. This broad-lapel style is found predominantly in double-breasted jackets. A well-peaked style lapel jacket exudes sophistication and is a good candidate for when you want to attend a formal event. This lapel style is best suited for men who are short or large in stature. It makes you look taller and thinner, what’s not to like about that?

▶ Shawl Lapel

shawl lapel


A tuxedo jacket usually uses this lapel style. With no peak and no notch, it’s a smooth lapel that drapes itself on either side of the coat front. It curves around the jacket making it look sophisticated and dapper.


When it comes to determining the best suits for men it all boils down to the choice of suit jacket you go for. There are three basic types of jackets in men’s suits, each slightly different from the other.

▶ Single – Breasted Jacket

Single - Breasted Jacket


By far the most popular suit jacket, the single-breasted jacket comes with one, two or three buttons. It is the go-to jacket style to wear when in doubt. Its simplicity is what makes it the most versatile amongst men’s suit styles.

▶ Double – Breasted Jacket

Double - Breasted Jacket


Double-breasted jackets take you back to the ’70s and ’80s. They are an upgraded version of the single-breasted jacket. With two rows of two or three buttons, this is a power item of clothing. Best worn in formal settings, double-breasted jackets are a statement piece in itself.

▶ Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo Jacket


If you want to look classy, dignified and stand apart at an event go for a tuxedo jacket. Black-tie events that call for a formal dress code are the best places to wear a tuxedo jacket. A tuxedo jacket has satin or grosgrain( a type of fabric or ribbon where the weft is heavier than the warp) on its lapels and pocket trim. Best with a shawl lapel, a tuxedo jacket is either black or midnight blue in colour.


Men’s suits are incomplete without pants and you will be surprised when we say that pant styles matter when it comes to men’s suit styles.

▶ Flat Front Pants

Flat Front Pants


If you are opting for slim or skinny fit, you will find them being paired with flat front pants mostly. As the name suggests the fabric is flat in front of the trousers making them look trim and snug.

▶ Pleated Pants

Pleated Pants


Pleated pants are making a comeback. Best suited for relaxed fit suits, they add volume around your waist creating drama and adding a different dimension to the otherwise boring ones. With more fabric around the waist, this pant is more comfortable to wear.

Now that we know more about men’s suits and the different styles you can opt for, buying men’s suits isn’t going to be a battle anymore. We hope you know your suits or men’s suits in general, a little better after reading this piece!


[Featured Image Credit: Ranveer Singh]