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How To Not Look Like An Idiot In A Beanie

Vijay Deverakonda and David Beckham wearing beanie


Beanies should be stylish and supremely comfy. In addition, you need to know how to wear it RIGHT too!

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A good beanie should be in your cold-weather wardrobe for sure. It’s the best way to protect your ears from freezing and your head warm. It’s tricky to pull off, so most guys avoid wearing it. Beanies work well with menswear’s current love of utilitarian workwear, and there are several styles to match all kinds of face shapes. Besides, it’s the easiest way to add a pop of colour to your OOTD!

1. This south-Indian star clearly has a thing for beanies. Must have to do something with his thick, wavy hair. Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda adds a hint of colour to his WFH look in a muted mustard yellow winter hat!

Vijay Deverakonda in a beanie
[Image Credit: Vijay Deverakonda]

2. Actor Varun Dhawan sure knows how to stay warm at high altitudes! A puffer jacket, sunglasses and a beanie is classic winter dressing fit for a vacation amidst snow-capped peaks.

Varun Dhawan wearing a beanie
[Image Credit: Varun Dhawan]

3. Veteran footballer David Beckham should be given major credit for making the beanie fashionable. We’d love to see his collection of this winter accessory! Like him, you could wear it with an oversized jacket or with sportswear (refer featured image) while out for a run in the cold!

David Beckham in a beanie playing with his dogs
[Image Credit: David Beckham]

4. Actor Ranveer Singh wears athleisure in style. We especially love the synergy of this look, with a special shoutout to his well-groomed beard!

Ranveer Singh in a beanie
[Image Credit: Ranveer Singh]

5. We are fans of everything that Shah Rukh Khan does. This beanie and jacket with fur trimmings and those statement sunglasses are befitting the Badshah of Bollywood in every way!

Shah Rukh Khan wearing a beanie
[Image Credit: Shah Rukh Khan]

6. A killer smile. Check. Heaps of talent. Check. Casual with a hint of streetwear. Check. Actor Vicky Kaushal makes a case for the denim jacket, a graphic crew-neck tee, beanie, and jeans combo!

Vicky Kaushal in a beanie
[Image Credit: Vicky Kaushal]