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Oversized clothes are a big deal in 2021

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If someone ever told you that one day wearing baggy clothes would be in again, I bet you would have guffawed. Well, 2021 is all about comfort. From uber premium brands like Zegna and Gucci to highstreet and indie labels such as Zara and Doodalage—going wide seems to be the way forward—remember singer Harry Styles in those Gucci flare pants? Oh man, now that was one hell of a fashion moment!

We at Man’s Life have five tips that’ll help you make this trend your own….



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How does something that looks like a sack make it to the top fashion trends of the year? Simple, you wear it right! Channel your inner retro man and give these baggy pants a shot. As daunting as it seems, picking the right trousers for you isn’t that hard. Always choose a pair that is cropped and doesn’t have too much fabric pooling around your legs (unflattering)! If you would like to give some structure to your pants opt for pleated or paper bag pants—they are an easy upgrade. If you love prints and like being the centre of attraction, pair a printed wide-legged pants with a printed shirt. Take cues from fashion brand Mr Teddy on how to rock the look.

Young Fashionable Man Wearing Oversized Clothes
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Man’s Life Style Tip: Always balance your baggy wear. One easy way to do that is to pair your wide pants with a well-fit T-shirt or shirt. Match it with a pair of great sneakers or mules and you are good to go!



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These days, streetwear is high fashion; and an oversized tee is an integral part of it. With athleisure being at the forefront of the fashion game, the humble boxy fit T-shirt is having a moment. Remember, oversized does not mean buying a bigger size. It means buying clothes that look big, but not making you look like you are wearing borrowed clothes. 

Man’s Life Style Tip: Wear your oversized tee with a pair of joggers or straight fit jeans for a laid back look. If you are lean, fold your sleeves to prevent your arms from looking too lanky. Pair the look with your favourite sneakers.



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It’s breezy and comfortable, what more do you need from clothing? The plus point of an oversize shirt is that it’s fashionable too. From veteran actor Anil Kapoor to rising star Rohit Saraf sporting the look, the anti-fit shirt trend has been quite the rage! 

Man’s Life Style Tip: While wearing the shirt as is, is great, the boxy shirt pairs well as a layered option. Wear a neutral coloured T-shirt with well-fitted pants or skinny jeans along with a printed oversized shirt. Wear it with your favourite sneakers to finish off the look.



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Remember what we said about the ’80s, they are back and how! Go light on the colour if you are going big on the silhouette—for daily wear at least! If you are one of those who love taking risks, opt for a bright oversized jacket, something that will catch some eyeballs for sure!

Man’s Life Style Tip: Slouchy blazers are best paired with a sleek and tailored fit underneath. Cropped trousers, a well-fitted shirt or a T-shirt with dress shoes or sneakers is the way to go with an oversized jacket.



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Sack suits have had quite the evolution through the years—from them being baggy in the 1840s to them getting tailored and more fitted through the years. Well, looks like the oversized suits are back to make a place in everyone’s closet. A zoot suit is an acquired taste (though it is still illegal to wear them in Los Angeles), but one that is slowly catching up and making its way to the forefront. Even though you may buy an oversized suit the rules of tailoring remain the same, shoulders should slope down and the sleeves should end above the wrist bone. You may invest in a style or trend, but never compromise on the tailoring. 

Man’s Life Style Tip: One would generally opt for neutral colours in an oversized suit, wear the jacket open with a well-fit T-shirt underneath. If you are bold and want to make a fashion statement, pick out a suit that is coloured and vibrant, pair it with a neutral T-shirt and a pair of fun sneakers or boots to complete the look.

Always have fun with silhouettes and try adding pops of colour to make your look stand out. Go big and baggy!


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