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For All Sneakerheads Out There

Rannvijay Singh with his sneakers collection


Is there something like too many sneakers? Apparently, NOT!

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We went scouting and realised that we Indians do have a crazy penchant for sneakers. While we couldn’t include everyone, we decided to do a round-up of five celebrities who are certified sneakerheads.

1. Anand Ahuja is in a league of his own. He runs a fashion brand called Bhane, but also India’s first sneaker store called VegNonVeg. He’s a sneaker lover like no other. From Nikes to New Balance’s he has them all.

Anand Ahuja getting his sneaker signed
[Image Credit: Anand Ahuja]

2. Actor Harshvarrdhan Kapoor has been collecting sneakers for a while now! His unique sense of fashion and love for streetwear is known, but his obsession with sneakers trumps them all!

Actor Harshvarrdhan Kapoor with his sneakers collection
[Image Credit: Harshvarrdhan Kapoor]

3. Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh has great taste. His fashion and music are always upbeat and forever in trend. Often spotted in puffer jackets and monogrammed tees, he also owns sneakers that are luxurious at their best. From Versace to Dior he has quite a few in his kitty.

Diljit Dosanjh
[Image Credit: Diljit Dosanjh]

4. Go through actor Karan Tacker’s Instagram, and you’ll know his passion for sneakers. From high-ups to dunks the man owns a few stunners.

Karan Tacker
[Image Credit: Karan Tacker]

5. This celeb’s love for sneakers started when he fell in love with basketball. Yes, we are talking about Rannvijay Singh. A hardwood floor full of sneakers, say whatttt???

Rannvijay Singh and his sneaker collection
[Image Credit: Rannvijay Singh]


[Featured Image Credit: Rannvijay Singh]