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Fashion Inspiration Is Just A Click Away

Nikhil Kandhari


Instagram influencers that will quench your fashion mania.

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There are so many things we love about the Internet, but the best of the lot is the fact that we are a click away from virtually stalking our favourite fashion influencers on Instagram. IG is home to many influencers and bloggers who give you the front-row access into their lives and we love it! There is nothing like finding inspirational and aspirational content online. If you ever feel like you are stuck searching for some sartorial inspiration, look no further. Men’s fashion is truly having a moment in India, and it’s amazing to witness Indian men embracing new, experimental trends. We at Man’s Life have put together a list of Instagram accounts to follow for your daily dose of fashion.



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A post shared by Joan Dominic Rai (@thewhitehairedguy)

Imagine wearing clothes that you love beyond the conforms of gender? Kolkata-based Joan Dominic Rai does just that and serves us looks that will please the fashion gods. This gender-fluid icon who goes by the name of @thewhitehairedguy on Instagram, lets his photos do the talking. His art of self-expression is profound in the posts he uploads and he truly is a master of storytelling. He has no qualms using womenswear as a mode of expression, as he truly believes that fashion is beyond the boundaries of gender.



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A post shared by Nikhil Kandhari (@iamnkhl)

@iamnkhl as he is known on Instagram has an effortless sense of style. This Mumbai-based music producer, who started off as a content creator, has gathered quite a following through the years. His sense of fashion has evolved through the years and it has only gotten better. Be it couture or high street fashion, Nikhil can pull off anything with ease, which makes him a must-follow fashion icon in his own right!



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A post shared by Sneakers, Streetwear, Life (@bowtiesandbonesblog)

Calling Allen a sneaker aficionado would be an understatement. The man is an embodiment of all things streetwear. His aesthetic when you land on his Instagram page @bowtiesandbonesblog is pretty clear: It’s all about street style and sneakers. With a streetwear brand under his belt, this Mumbai-based creator surely knows how to flaunt his style.



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A post shared by Tejeshwar Sandhoo (@blueberryblackout)

Tejeshwar aka @blueberryblackout sure does know how to make an entrance. A man with many talents, this Delhi-based blogger has made a mark in the fashion arena. A page that regular Indian men can take inspiration from, his looks are experimental yet subtle enough to wear daily. He believes in supporting brands that he would wear in his real life and that in fact is something that truly sets him apart from the others in the same space.



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A post shared by PARAMSahib (@parambanana)

Go big or go home, if there was anyone out there to encapsulate the maximalist energy it is none other than designer Param Singh. This artist and style curator who runs a namesake design label does not shy away from the bright and the bold. We love his unabashed sense of style and every time we land on his page @parambanana there is something new we want to add to our closets. A Sikh who has embraced the audacious, intrepid way of life. We stan that!



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A post shared by Sayan Bakshi (@theorangeepistles)

If you want to follow a page that is suave and up to mark with fashion, look no further than the @theorangeepistles page on Instagram. Sayan Bakshi left his 9 to 5 medical personnel job to take up blogging full-time,  and boy, has it turned out great for him! This Kolkata-based content creator has a great personality that perfectly encapsulates the need of young fashion-forward Indians today. His content is relatable and is something to look out for.

Do we love a good fashion moment? Absolutely! If you ever need that extra push or a reference on how to dress up fancy look no further than this list. These fashion creators are on top of their game and winning the industry over with one post at a time!


[Featured Image Credit: Nikhil Kandhari]