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Denim Washes For Dummies

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Get to know your versatile jeans a little better

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Ever wondered why a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is a fail-proof fallback option for most men? It’s comfortable (depending on how tight/high or low you wear it), and versatile in equal measure! The story of the first denim jeans ever made takes you back to the year 1890, where two young men Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis decided to come together to create this extraordinary garment for the miners of America. Jeans were always dyed indigo and for good reason—miners didn’t want to be seen in dirty pants. 

The OG  jeans have had quite a transformation since their inception. It has gone from being a working-class staple to being treasured in the world of high fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of ‘washes’ so that it makes your next denim haul a tad easier!



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The starter pack of jean washes is the stone wash. The most basic wash, stone washing is a trend that started in the late ’70s. With pumice stones added to the washing, the sharp edges on it accelerate the abrasions and facilitate the fading. Actor Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Rockstar was seen pulling off stone-washed jeans effortlessly.

Man’s Life Tip: Wear your straight fit, stone-washed jeans with a soft linen or cotton shirt. Pair it with some Oxfords or sneakers if you want to go the smart-casual route.



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A slight variation from the stone wash method, acid wash uses acid pre-soaked pumice stones to dry tumble its way along with the jeans. What results is a non-uniformed pattern caused by the bleach in localised areas only. Acid wash creates a contrasting match with the blues and whites caused by the acid leaving you with a fun wash design on your jeans. A common wash from the ’80s that was loved by many, actor Varun Dhawan sure knows how to go OTT and yet look stylish in an acid-washed pair.

Man’s Life Tip: If you wish to elevate your casual style game, pair your acid wash denim with a hoodie and jacket and good high-top sneakers.



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Not everyone likes faded jeans or ones with patches on them. Fret not, we have you covered: The rinse wash is the perfect fit for you! It’s one of the simplest of washes that help retain the original colour of indigo even after you tumble dry it. As it’s washed with water, the colour doesn’t fade and what you are left with is a bright and full-coloured denim. Actor/Singer/Activist Jaden Smith always stands apart from the crowd making his style unique in his rinse-washed pieces.

Man’s Life Tip: This darker shade of jeans will pair perfectly with your crisp white shirt or a coloured sweatshirt. Slip on your leather boots for spicing this lewk!



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Most of all the jean washes have pumice stones added to them which cause abrasions, which ultimately weaken the thread. Denim is cotton and cotton is cellulose. Brands have now found an easier way of washing jeans without having to worry about the disposal of the stones post the jean wash. They use enzymes that specifically degrade the cellulose of the jean creating a wash that gives a faded experience and soft feel along with reducing the by-product waste. Take cues from actor Aayush Sharma who knows how to make a statement in these kinds of denim. 

Man’s Life Tip: A long sleeve shirt in a darker colour like brown instead of the usual black or navy is a great way of elevating your look. Pair it with loafers for a semi-formal look.



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Bleach is used to break down the indigo in the jeans to give you a faded exterior. The final result? A light wash denim that is decolourised and is a stylish addition to your wardrobe! The major drawback of a bleach wash is its disposal of polluted water. Bleach wash done in large numbers can prove detrimental to the environment. So pick your pair of denims, responsibly! The new boy on the block, actor Rohit Saraf effortlessly gives the bleach wash jeans a casual upscale spin.

Man’s Life Tip: Pair it with a crew neck T-shirt, easy-breezy shirt and shoes of your choice.

We get that denim shopping can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this guide to pick a pair or two of your favourite denim washes or refer to our denim-style checklist to figure out the cut that flatters you the best!


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