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Checks, Please!

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Checks are back in style! Here’s how you can incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.

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Checks are fun. Anyone who says otherwise must be living under a rock, somewhere far away from civilisation! The check has always come and gone out of the sartorial spotlight every few seasons; it always remains undeniably relevant!  Mumbai-based celebrity fashion stylist Isha Bhansali says, “Checks are for a confident man, who knows what works for him. Checks are regal and there’s a sharpness about this pattern that makes it timeless.”

Checks go back before the ’90s and predates the era of grunge and punk. Burberry is perhaps the biggest fashion brand that’s synonymous with this pattern. Registered as a trademark in 1921, the check—a beige background with black, white and red intersecting stripes—quickly became the most recognisable characteristic of the brand.

How to wear them right

Today, there are countless Pinterest boards dedicated to this pattern! How can you make it your own without the look crossing over to the ‘costume’ category? Can you wear checks on checks? Bhansali says, “Of course you can and you must! As long as the colours are coordinated, they will work well. Just make sure that the separates must belong to the same colour family or should be shades of one or two colours and not more. Also, the checks on your shirts, coats or blazers should be bolder/wider/broader on top and finer at the bottom.” Here are a few key pieces to invest in:

Checked Blazers:

If your closet is already bursting with shirts,  get yourself a checked blazer to add some flair to your style. Checks on a classic blazer look really great.  An entire suit in a neutral hue is fabulous if you pair it with a white tee or a slim-fit shirt. A double-breasted blazer with flap pockets will give your look a relaxed vibe. A check blazer looks so casual and cool when paired with black jeans. Play down the casualness of this look by wearing black leather tassel loafers.

Check trousers:

Your mind might instantly conjure someone on a golf course, and most wouldn’t consider a pair of check trousers/pants outside of a suit, but they are a cool addition to any look! Go for neutral-plaid checks. Swapping out chinos for checks instantly lifts a smart-casual look: A white T-shirt and Harrington-style cotton jacket and a low-top sneaker will offset it perfectly.

Check shirt:

The easiest way to wear checks? A plaid-check shirt. In fact, most men will end up with a version/colour of this. Wear it with denims or chinos.


Not sure about committing to this trend fully? Choose fashion accessories to still win major style points! Get a pair of trainers with this pattern or a scarf for cooler nights. A tie or a checked sling bag would do the trick too!

Checks continue to court both street and high-end fashion. You might as well give this ‘pattern with a pattern’ a try!


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