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Capsule Wardrobe For The Minimalist

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Less, but better

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The ongoing pandemic surely has put a stop to your shopping trips, but thank heavens for e-commerce! However, how many clothes are too many or too little? Worry not because here are a few tips and tricks to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for every occasion. It’s easy on your wallet, and when worn in various combos—a capsule wardrobe will give you ample looks to show off in 2021—even if it’s only for online appearances for the time being!

Besides, whenever life will return to some semblance of normalcy (we promise you it will) a closet you can travel the world with will come in handy. From looks that you can wear while on your morning coffee run to those to attend business meetings and go on date nights/evenings with the boys—a capsule wardrobe is perfect for the guy who likes to keep things simple. 


The best thing about a capsule wardrobe is that you work with the pieces you already have, and add only the few key missing ones.

Timeless pieces: These are the clothes that were fashionable when your grandfather wore them, and will still be fashionable when your kids wear them. Clothing like your—quintessential white shirt and denim or your favourite leather jacket and that trusty black blazer—these are the garments that form the base of your minimal wardrobe.

Versatile pieces: With the compressing of your wardrobe, your clothes will play various roles on different days. Pieces that can amp it up or tone it down, according to your mood. Wearing a blazer or suit jacket for multiple occasions gives you enough reason to understand its versatility.

Add some neutral colours: Contrary to popular opinion, neutral hues are anything, but boring. These colours aren’t overpowering or overused. They form the core colours of your wardrobe and can be used to create a sophisticated look. Don’t shy away from the browns and blues. Pairing them with the right amount of colour can add much finesse to any look!

Shoes and accessories: You definitely need shoes to complete your style. Don’t get confused with the various names and styles of footwear available. Keep your formal, casual and sporty shoes minimal so that you use them enough and for the right occasions. Accessories are important in tying the whole look together. From your glasses to your watches, keep them handy and fashionable.


1.Shirts and T-shirts (total 6 pieces): Combination of solid and striped T-shirts, Formal shirts in white, light blue and patterns. 

2. Polo Shirts (total 4 pieces): Get them in grey, navy, black and also, one with stripes. 

3. Sweatshirts and Sweaters (total 3 pieces): Crew neck, hoodie and Henley.

4. Coats or Jackets (total 3 pieces): Overcoat, denim jacket, and shacket 

5. Pants and Shorts (total 4 pieces): Chino, denim (dark or light), and  chino shorts.

6. Suits and Blazers (total 3 pieces): In navy, black and grey

7. Shoes (total 4 pieces): Oxfords, loafers, sandals, sneakers

8. Ties (total 3 pieces): In black, navy; plus one with stripes

9. Other Accessories (total 4 pieces): Watch, a pair of aviators, wayfarer and a good belt

Style is not determined by the number of clothes in your closet, but by what you have in it and what you do with it! If you have your select pieces ready, mix and match and make your own style statement!


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