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Boots For The Win!

Ahan Shetty


Stomp your way through winter in style.

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We looked high and low, but we couldn’t find better men’s footwear than boots to wear this season. Boots are the perfect way to protect your feet in style! Choosing the right boot for you can be quite the task. It has come a long way since its design inception and there are way too many options to pick from. We at Man’s Life like things simplified. Here is a breakdown of your must-have fashion boots for this winter.


The first style of boot that comes to mind when someone says boots is a Lace-Up. It’s really a simple boot to explain, they are shoes that are closed by the means of laces. Now the difference in design mostly lies in their toe design. You can choose from cap toe or no-toe design for a simplified look. If you already own a pair of these go for Lace Up boots with broguing, for that little extra something. This boot style isn’t boring, and is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of boots.

Style Tips: Wear these with jeans for a casual look. If you want to jazz it up, pair lace-up boots with chinos pants or woollen ones.


Chelsea boots are slimmer boots that rise slightly higher than the ankle. What makes them unique are the elasticated closures located on either side of the ankle and the tab on the back for easy slip-on. These tighter-fitting boots are best for casual outings. If you are someone who is bigger, avoid wearing Chelsea boots as they are slimmer and make your feet look small, making the rest of your body look bulkier.

Style Tips: This boot was made famous by the Beatles and is a fashion statement by itself. Best worn with skinny or straight fit jeans, Chelsea boots are made for smart-looking outfits!


Chukka boots are the most simple and versatile boots to own. They are lightweight and have a lower shaft of four inches. These boots are unlined with a minimal lace closure or two to three eyelets. They have an upper body that contains not more than three panels. Since the Chukka boot isn’t as slim fitting around the ankles as the Chelsea, they fit all body types. 

Style Tips: These boots look good when worn with casual outfits like jeans and chinos. Chukka boots are also a good pair to match with dressier options like blazers and overcoats.


This shoe that has gained worldwide popularity, has its origins that can be traced back to India. Initially worn by polo players in the 1920s, the Jodhpur boot is a heritage-style boot to own. The main characteristics of the boot are the double-wrap buckle closures around the ankle. This boot, like the Chelsea, gives the illusion of slimmer feet. It can be worn by those who want to look taller, as the tapping toe elongates the feet adding a few inches to your height.

Style Tips: This boot is best paired with slimmer jeans and trousers. If you plan to make a statement in traditional wear for the upcoming weddings this season, add on a pair of Jodhpur boots for just the right splash of panache.


Is this the boot that is made for special occasions? Hell, yeah! This is an iconic style of riding boots, made from cowhide. Originally worn by cowboys and horse riders, these styles of boots have become a crowd favourite. They aren’t the usual boots you would pick up when in a store, but if you have the occasion to do so, don’t miss out!

Style Tips: Wear these with jeans and a simple tee because your shoe is going to do all the talking. Invest in a simple Cowboy boot to start with, and then move onto designer ones.

Boots are mainly made of leather or suede. Protecting your boots and maintaining them is key. Regularly clean, shine and condition your boots. Stuff your boots with shoe trees to help them maintain their shape when they aren’t in use. Winter is the peak season to whip out your boots. Have fun wearing them with your layers and remember, the better the quality of the boot, the higher the price. Invest in boots that will last you longer!


[Featured Image Credit: Ahan Shetty]