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Beyond Butter Chicken

Beyond Butter Chicken


Welcome to the Beyond Butter Chicken podcast! This is a podcast solely dedicated to highlighting regional Indian cuisines.

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When people think of Indian food the most common dish that comes to mind is usually Butter Chicken and given that the cuisine is actually so diverse, we wanted to go well – Beyond Butter Chicken

Each episode is a conversation about a region in India and the food it represents. Each guest is an authority in their own right about the cuisine and talks about what defines the food of the region, the flavour profile, popular dishes and possibly where to eat them and of course plenty of stories and anecdotes. 

The podcast is hosted by Roxanne Bamboat, popularly known as The Tiny Taster. Roxanne is a food and travel writer and content curator who’s been writing about food for the last decade.

Episode 1 – Undhiyu and ‘Snaaakkes’ ft. Pinky Dixit

Owner of popular restaurant Soam – Pinky Dixit talks to Roxanne about her love for khichadi, Gujarati farsan snacks and what makes this ‘ frugal’ cuisine so special. Pinky talks about how some of the world-famous chefs have popped by her restaurant and relished her food, how she’s fascinated with Gujarati street food and her undying love for Undhiyu.

Pinky Dixit: Owner of Soam – An award-winning restaurant specialising in Gujarati Cuisine
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Episode 2 – The ‘real’ Maharashtrian Food ft. Saee Koranne-Khandekar

On this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken, Roxanne speaks with Saee Koranne-Khandekar and delves into the cuisine from her home state of Maharashtra. They talk about the intricacies of Maharashtrian dishes that comes from regions across the state, the lack of true representation even in popular eateries and much more.

Saee Koranne-Khandekar: Author, Culinary Consultant & Maharashtrian Cuisine Specialist
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Episode 3 – Parsi Community’s obsession with Meat & Eggs ft. Dr Kurush Dalal

The Parsi community is a minority community of Zoroastrians based in India that traces their roots and ancestry to Persia. On this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken Roxanne speaks with legendary food historian Dr Kurush Dalal on the intricacies of the Parsi community. What has influenced their food and mostly importantly – do we consider the famed Berry Pulao a Parsi dish? All this and lots more on the episode.

Dr Kurush Dalal: Archaeologist, Food Historian & an extremely popular Parsi food caterer
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Episode 4 – Delicacy of Assamese food and Ants ft. Amninder Sandhu

Celebrity chef Amninder Sandhu chats with Roxanne about her blissful childhood growing up in the North-Eastern state of Assam. How she spent her days foraging with her uncles and indulging in the most exquisite culinary experiences that have really helped shape her career. From cooking in industrial gas stoves to eating ants and water beetles she takes us through the wonderful world of Assamese food.

Amninder Sandhu: Award-winning Indian Chef, Owner at Ammu’s Delivery
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Episode 5 – Decoding the intricacies of The Bohri Thaal ft. Munaf Kapadia

The Dawoodi Bohra community is known for their legendary cuisine. Their elaborate Thaal’s which are unlike any traditional Thali meal, their famed mutton samosas and even their own unique Borha Biryani. On this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken, Roxanne is in conversation with Munaf Kapadia, the brain child behind Mumbai’s immensely popular eatery – The Bohri Kitchen to better understand this cuisine and what a typical Bohri meal entails.

Munaf Kapadia: Author & CEO (Chief Eating Officer) at The Bohri Kitchen
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Episode 6 – Are All Indian Spices actually Spicy ft. Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal

In this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken, Roxanne chats with Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal who breaks down the humble Indian spice box and all the myths and behind how spicy each spice actually is. She’s talks about her favourite spices including Devil’s tongue and how cuttle fish makes an appearance in a spice mix. She’s taking us through various spice blends across the country including the famous Garam Masala and a very interesting Thanda masala or winter spices. All this and a lot more on this episode.

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal: Culinary Chronicler & Consultant
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Episode 7 – Dosha Dining & The Art Of Ayurvedic Eating ft. Amrita Rana

In this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken, Roxanne moves away from regional Indian cuisine to focus on an ancient Indian practice and way of life. Amrita Rana has dedicated the last couple of years to study and teach people more about Ayurveda and specifically the Ayurvedic approach to eating. They talk about the basic principles of Ayurveda, how to balance your doshas, the teachings and most importantly dispel common myths about this ancient Indian practice.

Amrita Rana: Ayurvedic Teacher & Content Creator
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Episode 8 – Mouth-Watering secrets from the Royal Kitchens of Malwa ft. Anuradha Medhora

In this episode of Beyond Butter Chicken, Roxanne delves into the cuisine of some of the Indian Royal Families. Anuradha Joshi Medhora introduces her to the Royal Kitchens of Malwa and how recipes have travelled from across the country and were tweaked to suit royal palettes. She’s talks to us about the influences from not one but three Indian states that made up Malwa, the White Maharanis Christmas menu and some interesting innovations to get young royal princes to eat their proteins. If you were ever at all curious about what Indian Royalty ate, this episode is perfect for you!

Anuradha Medhora: Chef & Owner of Charoli Foods
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Episode 9 – Busting Myths of Bengali Cuisine ft. Kalyan Karmakar

Bengali food is usually very stereotyped. All Bengali food is swimming in mustard, All Bengalis are crazy after sweets and Kolkata Chinese and Tangra food is revered. Our guest on this episode chats with Roxanne to elaborate and help really define what Bengali food is about while merrily breaking every myth people have. Kalyan Karmakar is a food writer, author, podcaster and general racounteur who brightens up this episode with wonderful anecdotes from his trips to Kolkata and memories from his childhood. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Kalyan Karmakar: Food Writer & Brand Consultant
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Episode 10 – Breaking the Stereotypes of South Indian Food ft. Rakesh Raghunathan

Rakesh Raghunathan: Tv Show Host & Specialist on South Indian Cuisine
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While there are 5 distinct states in Southern India with their own unique identity, the food all tends to get clubbed together. This episode is a wonderful introduction to South Indian cuisine where Food specialist Rakesh Raghunathan talks us through some of the typical stereotypes and helps understand the food from the region. We talk about the dessert culture in South India, Street food fare and of course the battle of the biryanis!

We’ll be back soon with more conversations! Stay tuned for Season 2. Find us on your favourite podcasting channel. Click to listen