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Best Foot Creams For Men

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A good foot cream will give your feet all the love they need—by keeping them smooth, and free from cracks, fungus and that deadly odour!

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Our feet do the maximum work for us daily. Think about it: They carry our body weight and get us from point A to Point B (even if that is from our WFH desk to the refrigerator on some days). They make us hold our ground at the gym too. Even then, when it comes to grooming, most guys invest time, money and resources to take care of their faces the most. Feet can get really bad, very fast. If ignored for too long, they will revolt—with cracked heels or calluses. Imagine walking with these two for company? It will be both painful, uncomfortable, and unsightly. There’s no need to hit the panic button. Instead, just give your feet some TLC too. Besides, most people will judge you for unkempt, stinky feet!

Man’s Life recommends these foot creams that will—protect your heels and toes from cracks, dryness, calluses and even those odour-and-allergy inducing bacteria. Bonus: We’ve added an anti-fungal powder too!

1. The Body Shop Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector

Soothe your feet with this heavy-duty cream infused with hemp-seed oil. Rich in essential fatty acids, it will bring a much-needed relief to your rough and dry feet by providing it with the optimum level of hydration! A must-have foot moisturiser if you ask us!

Best for: Super-dry feet
Priced at: ₹1,045
Available at: In-store and

2. Kama Ayurveda Foot Scrub

Kama Ayurveda Foot Scrub

Dead skin build up can lead to cracks and dull, tired skin. There is only so much a pair of socks can cover up! This light gel cleanser with fine granules of ground apricot, scrubs away dirt and dead skin cells gently—without being too harsh on your feet. The foot scrub comes with—chamomile (soothes damaged skin), anti-fungal tea-tree extract (heals), purifying basil (relieves soreness) and essential oils of lime, verbena, musk and sandalwood—will leave your feet feeling rejuvenated.

Best for: Rough, dull feet
Priced at: ₹550
Available at: In-store and

3. Kaya Deep Nourish Elbow & Foot Cream

Kaya Deep Nourish Elbow & Foot Cream

This cream works hard not only on your feet, but on your dry and rough elbows too. It’s a double whammy! It uses glycolic acid to soften and heal rough, dry skin and cracked heels.  It also utilises the hydrating properties of shea butter and coconut oil to keep your skin soft and supple and can even be used to soothe calluses.

Best for: Rough, dry feet and elbows
Priced at: ₹390
Available at:

4. Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh and Hazelnut Hand and Foot Cream

Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh and Hazelnut Hand and Foot Cream

Suffering from scaly, bumpy skin? This cruelty-free cream with a blend of plant-butters and oils, will give you the smooth hands and feet you deserve. Kokum butter repairs damaged skin while also preventing dryness. Myrrh oil is an excellent antioxidant that helps heal, soothe, and rejuvenate tired hands and feet. Packed with the goodness of rich hazelnut oil—the cream aids in hydrating and nourishing your skin with its high vitamin E and fatty acid content.

Best for: Lifeless, dry and damaged skin on your hands and feet 
Priced at: ₹550
Available at: 

5. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

If your feet experience year-round dryness, make hydrating them a part of your daily routine. It makes it to the ‘best lists’ each year and is loved by customers across board and genders. Rich in nourishing shea butter and containing antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil to purify, and anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation—this much-lauded cream from the French brand, moisturises and relieves irritated feet.

Best for: Dry, irritated feet with redness 
Priced at: ₹2,300
Available at:

6. Dr Foot Antibacterial & Antiseptic Foot Powder

Dr Foot Antibacterial & Antiseptic Foot Powder

While foot creams help keep your toes and heels in tip-top form, you’ll need to use an antifungal power handy—especially if you have the case of ‘smelly, sweaty feet’. This foot powder that absorbs sweat and helps reduce bacteria that cause odour and refreshes your feet with a delightful fresh mint fragrance. It disinfects and deodorises, which in turn protects from athlete’s foot, blisters, skin infections and questionable smells!

Best for: Smelly, sweaty feet 
Priced at: ₹180
Available at:

Happy feet means a happy you and happier peeps around you too! Most foot creams are buttery in texture, so it’s best to put them to work at bedtime. Clean your feet thoroughly first, then apply the product generously. Wearing thin socks after application before going to bed, will lock the moisture in: Your feet will wake up well hydrated! 

Add a foot cream (or two) and an antibacterial powder to your skincare/grooming kit in 2022, and free your toes from closed shoes when the weather permits!


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