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Best Beard Styles For Men In 2022

Shahid Kapoor and Ayush Mehra


Facial hair can totally change the shape of your face for the better, if you know how to do it right.

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Not so long ago, beards were associated with guys who didn’t particularly care about their appearance. The clean-shaved look was favoured by most men. Not anymore. For today’s man, beard styles are all about making a statement and staying apart from a crowd.  

From just the right amount of stubble to actor Shahid Kapoor’s short ‘corporate’ beard style—when it comes to facial hair—there isn’t a single formula or shape that works for everyone. Fortunately, the 21st century man is spoiled for choice, and gets to experiment with different beard styles!


Ayush Mehra
[Source: Ayush Mehra]

In simple terms because it can make you look SEXIER! Plus, like I had mentioned earlier, a beard can mix up things for you and totally amp up how you look in a basic tee and denim combo or even in a slightly more formal avatar. The best beard styles can— divert the attention from a receding hairline, add a few years to your face if you want to move away from the ‘chocolate boy’ image, and also make your mug appear slimmer—by defining the jawline and camouflaging a double chin!

Beards are now healthier and shinier than ever, as men today have so many grooming products to keep their beard style in top form! In addition, most celebrities—from movie stars and pro athletes to pop icons—have all embraced different beard styles and popularised them. Finally, according to a study, women tend to find men with a bit of scruff sexier! Need I say more?


Ayushmann Khurrana bearded look
[Source: Ayushmann Khurrana]

This is a great way to kick start your beard-style journey. This beard style sits comfortably between a clean-shaved look and a short beard one! The usual norm used to be shaving daily, and this style gets its moniker—from the faint stubble growth that many men get in the late afternoon when it’s been a whole day or so since their last shave! Depending on the speed at which your hair grows back, the shadow can grow into a nice stubble in two to three days. It’s a solid look for men who don’t want the clean-shaved look or a full beard. To not come across as messy or lazy, make sure to clean up the extra growth to maintain the shape of the stubble. Also, men with patchy beards should avoid this at all costs!  Designer stubbles are all the rage now, so go ahead and experiment with this facial hair style—you can always shave it off or grow it out if it isn’t working for you!


Shahid Kapoor beard style
[Source: Shahid Kapoor]

The corporate beard style is for men who mean business. It’s one of the best beard styles for those who must follow a strict beard policy. Formal and boardroom approved, this short and full-face beard style has to be well-maintained. To keep it classy and presentable, keep the length under 1 inch using a trimmer. Make sure you style your hair neatly to complete this CEO-in-the-making corporate look!


Hardik Pandya with his son
[Source: Hardik Pandya]

You need to grow your beard out for four to six weeks (again, depending on your hair growth) to get this right. This cool beard style needs to be regularly trimmed to maintain a uniform length. A short, rounded beard looks great on guys with round, square or heart-shaped faces because it follows the natural contours of a face without adding bulk on the cheeks! 


Young man with a short faded beard
[Source: TheUnstitched]

Similar to the faded haircut, the beard ‘fades’ from thick hair to a shaved face with definition. The ‘fading’ happens in two spots—the sideburn and on the face/cheeks. Removing cheek bulk helps slim and elongate the face by keeping the thickness of your beard on the chin—making it the best beard style for those with a fuller face. Neat and stylish, this crisp style looks best when your beard is around three to five inches long.  Also, it’s best to rely on a barber’s precision and experience to get this different beard style just right! Team it with a faded hairstyle for an impressively sharp look fit for work and play!


Hrithik Roshan's new bearded look for his upcoming movie
[Source: Hrithik Roshan]

The short-boxed beard is an angular version of the corporate beard, but with a little more length around the chin—this helps create the sharper edges of the boxed beard and accentuates the jawline. This beard style looks fabulous on all face shapes, but works exceptionally well for guys with oval or oblong faces!  You’ll need a two-month growth-length for this look. The sides are tapered from the sideburns to the chin using a beard trimmer with various length guards. It’s great for men who like a full-face beard without going OTT like with a power beard!


Ranveer Singh bearded look
[Source: Ranveer Singh]

You don’t need to ditch the beard just because you work with a bunch of suits. Just make sure to keep it groomed and neat for a corporate look. A defined short beard style will look dashing and enhance your bone structure. Ensure that all the facial hair is of the same length. Keep the cheeks and edges razor sharp. Regular upkeep is necessary, and it’s smart to get this groomed by your barber regularly for best results.


Vicky Kaushal bearded look
[Source: Vicky Kaushal]

Have a round face? Go for this beard style to create an illusion of a longer, sharper one! This different beard style will help create angles that you may not naturally have if you have a fuller face. Trim close to the chin, leaving more length towards the sides and back of the jaw.


Actor Yash
[Source: Yash]

For a beard to be considered long it needs to be at least six inches! A full long beard is NOT for the faint-hearted or the guy who doesn’t like to stand apart in a crowd. It’s a bushy beard that screams power and is for a man with a personality! Big beards are in demand these days, as they are a major flex in the facial-hair department.


▶ Short beard styles: A neatly trimmed short beard is flattering on most face shapes, providing focus on enhancing your features while underplaying your not-so favourable ones. Those with round faces need to reduce the bulk off the sides to make their face longer. If you have an extra chin, try taking the beard down to disguise it. If you have a narrow face, leave the sides slightly longer to add some weight! Unlike a full beard, short beards demand neatness. So, regular maintenance and a beard trimmer are essential!

▶ Medium beards:  It works well on most face shapes, but requires thicker facial hair and looks best on guys with a wider space between the top lip and the nose and a prominent chin!  There are some cool beard styles that you can try out with this length/thickness!

▶ Longer beard styles: Of all the beard styles, the full beard is the hardest to pull off because there is no way of hiding it or from it! Full-beard styles cause beard-envy and have macho-vibes. A full, long beard is a great option for bald men, as it offers a dramatic contrast that’s sure to grab eyeballs! You will need frequent help from grooming and trimming products to keep this look in its optimum shape and length so that you don’t end up looking like Father Christmas!

To summarise, different beard styles provide men with a chance to experiment with their looks. Start with a basic stubble and see where you go from there!