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Artisanal Ice-Creams To Try Now!

Fresh fruit with scoops of creamy speciality ice cream in assorted flavors with raspberry, berry, blueberry, strawberry, walnut , pistachio, chocolate, sugar cones and a scoop for serving from above


Ice cream lovers, rejoice. This list will have your sweet tooth doing a happy dance.

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Sitting in through the pandemic wasn’t easy, but ordering in, sure was. We don’t know about you, but we just realised that the best part of being adults is that we don’t need permission to have our favourite food ordered anymore. If ice creams are your weakness, we got you covered!

Homegrown ice-cream brands aren’t new in India. We have the very popular Naturals, Gokul, K Rustoms and Co and so much more. There however has been a rise of these artisanal ice cream brands that have tiny boutique parlours, rely on delivery and in-store sales. Here is Man’s Life’s list of artisanal ice-cream brands for you to give a try.

1. MINUS 30


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There is no right and wrong when it comes to ice cream. What started as a passion project for Delhi-based entrepreneur Gayatri Narang, Minus 30 has turned into a full-blown business. With indulgent flavours like Belgian Chocolate and experimental flavours like Dark Chocolate Green Tea Matcha. From boozy intoxicated gelatos with Baileys to sugar-free and vegan options; they have it all! With sales and delivery across India, their stores can be found across Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Chennai and Gujarat.



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Zoet Desserts in Delhi makes sure you indulge in their ice creams and how. They have an interesting mix of flavours that range from, Coffee Cabana Ice-Cream Cake and Tiramisu with Mascarpone and Coffee to ice-cream inspired from celebrated French pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan Dessert—with seasonal fresh lychee, rose and strawberry with a crunch of macaroons. Arriving in insulated boxes with dry ice, the ice cream comes frozen to the right consistency to you and ready to eat!



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An ode to nostalgia and the flavours of childhood, Sucres Des Terres from Mumbai started this venture to make everyone happy. With small artisanal batches made with quality ingredients, they have an array of flavours to choose from. We can’t just stop at one, so here are a few for you to choose from; Rosemary Had A Little Lime, Pina Cola, Peach Sorbet With Balsamic Pearls and so many more!



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If you ever want to try the wackiest of the flavours that somebody ever put into ice creams, Mumbai based Bono Boutique Ice-Cream is where you should order from! Ever thought of having an ice cream that has truffle oil in it? The Dark Chocolate Truffle Oil Ice-cream—is a must-have here and so is the crowd-favourite Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ice-Cream. Their ice-creams are 100% natural and hand-churned. The most bizarre, but wonderful flavours that founders Alyssa Chesson and Simone Chesson ever produced were the Blue Cheese Honey and their Bacon Chocolate Ice-Cream. Sounds weird? Oh, but so yummy! You have to try it to believe it!



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There is a serious misconception that ice-creams cannot be healthy! Habbit is here to change that view! With each scoop being less than 40 calories, founders, Dhruv Bhushan and Dev Kabir Malik want you to satiate your craving for this cold dessert, guilt-free. They come with no added sugar and are diabetic and keto-friendly. If you think that healthy means boring, you got it wrong again! Habbit has diverse flavours to choose from—on some days you could try the Salted Caramel or Double Chocolate and on others, the Lychee Blush and Matcha Green Tea! Either way, people of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru can indulge without counting calories!



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What makes Bay Cream different from the others on this list? This ice cream brand is run by an entire family. When ordering from a famous ice-cream joint in Mumbai made the family realise that that wasn’t real ice-cream. So, they decided to make some themselves! Bay Cream believes that food brings the family together.  While one family member manages social media, the other is busy getting the best deals for the freshest of ingredients. Then, another is concocting new flavours while the other is managing operations. With flavours ranging from White Chocolate Macadamia to Arabian Delight, Bay Cream has something for everyone.



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With so many people making the conscious choice of going vegan, we seriously lack ice-cream brands that are dairy-free. Well, not anymore! Nomou is a plant-based gelato brand that is run by Hemali and Samir. Derived from ‘No-Moo’ which means no to cows milk, Nomou is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, outrageously creamy. Each flavour of gelato is made in small batches, sans preservatives, artificial flavours, colours and GMO. Saffron Pistachio, Cookies & Cream, and a Paan-flavoured one, are some of the killer flavours to treat yourself to!

Ice creams will always remind us of our childhood. We are glad that these brands are helping us embrace our nostalgia with some old classics and some brand new whacky flavours! 


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