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If you are somewhat a connoisseur of men’s watches or keep a track of the best watches for men out there in the market, you would know that there are so many options to choose from— it can drive anyone a little crazy. A watch is one of the last accessories you put on, but it’s the one that ties the look together. If we take a closer look at men’s watches and the brands that make them, it wouldn’t take you long to realise how heavy they are on your wallets. Well, good watchmakers take pride in their craftsmanship and it’s a reflection of the brand’s legacy and steep price points.

In reality, not all of us mere mortals can adorn our wrists with expensive metal and leather! Thanks to the rise of e-commerce websites and the sudden spike in online shopping due to the pandemic, brands have decided to start selling these luxurious looking yet affordable items on the internet. We can now shop for expensive-looking, but affordable items without thinking twice. In an attempt to make things easier for you, we at Man’s Life have decided to put together a list of the best watches for men, which you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket!


Kredo’s Dedon Automatic Watch


Kredo is a watch brand that has been around for ages and now that they have started selling their men’s watches in India. So, they had to be added to our list, obviously. Kredo’s Dedon Automatic Watch is one of the most stylish men’s watches on this list. It’s got a skeleton round metal dial that gives this men’s watch a sophisticated look while the transparent glass on the back is what makes this watch a showstopper. You can see how this automatic watch works without having to pay a bomb for it!


Daniel Klein Analogue Watch


With its watches designed in Istanbul and with offices in Turkey and Hong Kong, Daniel Klien has over 20 years of experience in watchmaking. Their designs are made for the young, with dynamic personalities. If you are out there looking for a stylish watch in your budget, look no further. The Daniel Klien watch with its silicon strap is a must-have for every young bloke out there. The green strap is a fun colour to incorporate into your everyday funky outfit and a must-buy! Don’t wait too long to add this to your shopping cart!


Sonata Black Dial Watch


If you haven’t heard about Sonata watches, well, where have you been my friend? The company is one of India’s top watchmakers and produces some of the most stylish watches out there for men. With the right mix of style and contemporary design, Sonata has aced the men’s watches department. Take for example the Sonata Black Dial Watch: It’s a rectangular dial with a matte black finish that just adds the right amount of panache to your everyday look. It elevates your drab attire to a sophisticated stylish one, making the purchase totally worth it.


Timex Chronograph Watch


Time is everything and Timex, since 1854, has been timekeeping quality. Their men’s watches have been part of history and some of the iconic pieces like the Indiglo Night Light that changed the way people read time in the dark made history itself. To find such brands selling their pieces in India through e-commerce websites is such a game-changer. Take a look at the Timex Chronograph Watch with its brown leather- strap blue dial. It’s a timeless piece that makes every outfit of yours look a class apart. Wear it for presentations or on a date with your partner, this men’s watch will surely make an impression! 


Casio Youth Digital Men’s Watch


Could a list of men’s watches ever be complete without including one of the iconic best watches for men? Nope, we don’t think so! The Casio Youth Digital Men’s Watch is the dreamiest accessory for every young adult out there, maybe even adults–no one is going to stop you! This timepiece has five independent alarms, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, world time, a backlight LED and four buttons to reset the time—cool, isn’t it? If that doesn’t make you want to buy this watch right now, we don’t know what will!


Titan Grey Dial Analogue Watch


Titan has been a pioneer in changing the watch game in India. Men’s watches haven’t looked this good in a while. With their modern and sharp design sensibilities, Titan watches have been churning out some of the best watches for men out there in the market. Let’s take this Grey Dial Analogue Watch, for example, it’s sophisticated and the perfect match for almost any outfit you wear. The grey dial with the black strap is what gives it its premium look, something that you can show off forever!


Boat Blackstorm Smart Watch


It’s good to remember that not all men’s watches or smartwatches particularly have to be expensive. Yes, we do have brands like Apple selling their watches for obscene amounts, but not everyone reading this would want to throw away so much money for a digital watch! That’s where we at Man’s Life come in, to find you affordable yet good quality smartwatches. The Boat Blackstorm Smart Watch is a great choice with its daily activity tracker and nine different sports modes, to keep your health on track. The wellness mode of the smartwatch monitors your sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and guides you into a meditative state when you need to relax! That’s a super-sweet deal if you ask us! It syncs with your phone perfectly and makes your everyday life a little easier. A win-win situation for all!

With so many options for men’s watches stacked up on the Internet every day, it can get confusing for most people to know what to pick up. Our simple rule of thumb to follow while shopping for the best watch for yourself is to choose a watch that serves your purpose or needs and personality.  Not all watches have everything in them, and that’s why you should add a few different styles to your watch collection. Slowly and steadily is the way to go, really! Time is essential and so is owning some of the best watches for men out there!