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A Man’s Guide To Wearing Turtlenecks In Winter

Clean shaved man wearing turtleneck and buttoning his blazer
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James Bond loves them and has worn them for decades. Turtlenecks and winter are a match made in sartorial heaven. Though some may find it a bit of a tough sell, a turtleneck is a sure-shot way to show the world that—you have great style and confidence to boot. We at Man’s Life, love a great turtleneck because it’s casual enough for a night out, but also can be dressed-up enough for a formal soiree. A turtleneck’s snug, knit neckline frames your face, making it the focal point. Is there a more compelling way to walk into a room and commanding attention? We think not! If you’re still not convinced, here’s how you can test the trend out by putting your neck in one!

The basics

Start building your turtleneck collection with plain, dark colours or neutral tones. Even a basic one in black/navy is a fool-proof way of getting maximum attention without even trying too hard! Camel tones/beiges are a great choice too. A bold/deep red can get you some extra points for confidence and personal style!

Experiment with patterns

Once you’ve learned to work with ones in basic colours—try different bright or muted shades; give ones with stripes a go, and also wear a few with simple patterns and textures. Salmon pink, purple and icy blues and mauves are all fabulous choices too. Feeling brave? Try one in a neon colour to make it pop form those top layers of your winter clothing!

Chunky ones are great turtlenecks too

Turtlenecks with heavy weaves and knits are enough to wear on their own on a slightly warmer day. You can layer it with a winter jacket during nippy evenings.

Thin turtlenecks

No, we are not fat-shaming chunky ones! It’s just that winter dressing is all about layering, and heavy knits can bulk up your look. Turtlenecks made with thinner fabrics like merino wool and oh-so-soft cashmere will feel like a warm, comfy hug without the bulk. Wear a long winter jacket or a top coat and you’re ready to face the cold in style!

Style it right

Jayati Bose, celebrity stylist and owner of sustainable clothing brand Chotto Golpo, says, “A turtleneck is timeless, chic and compelling. You can’t go wrong with a basic black one.” There are quite a few ways to style one.

1. Keep it casual: Wearing a turtleneck with a pair of jeans or chinos are a great way to keep the look in the ‘smart casual’ zone.

2. Channel a Bollywood superstar: Akshay Kumar has always had a unique sense of style. He made a strong case for turtlenecks and suits when he showed up in a three-piece suit complete with a vest and a turtleneck during the promotions of his film, Padman—and carried it with aplomb!

3. Layer it up: Says Bose, “Turtlenecks are versatile pieces. While a topcoat is a safe choice, they will also look great with denim/leather or bomber jackets, which by the way are all the rage this season.” An all-black monochromatic look is sexy and can take you from a lunch date to a sit-down dinner with ease. Just pair a black topcoat with formal pants/trousers and a turtleneck, and voila, you’ll look like one of the guys from those fashion glossies!

So, shed your fear of scratchy necks and add a turtleneck or two to your winter wardrobe. After all, it’s as easy as putting on a sweater!


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