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A Man’s Guide To Wearing Linen Jackets

Vibrant coloured linen jackets


You can be both comfy and stylish in them.

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When you think of linen, you think of all things fresh and breathable. Something that is breezy and fits you oh-so-well. It’s one of those fabrics that can never look unflattering on you. If you stay in a place that is humid all the time, the linen fabric is your saviour. We know the only thing that can scare you away from linens are the wrinkles that come with it (invest in a steam iron to get rid of them before wearing it), but that is what makes it look authentic. 

You may own a linen shirt or two (if not, you must, pronto). We realised why go the basic way when we can play around with another classic—the jacket! You can style them in so many ways to stay fashionable….


Linen jackets have been making the rounds and we are here to help you get on board with this trend.

The Linen Blazer

Let’s begin with the OG blazer. Linen blazers are a great alternative to the ones you usually wear. It adds an element of casual and fun to your everyday business look. Time to buy one for your wardrobe.

STYLING TIPS: While wearing a standalone linen blazer is a great way to start using it, try teaming it with linen trousers to create a monochrome linen set. Wear it with your formal shoes and go along doing business as usual, but with style and comfort.

The Linen Field Jacket

Also sometimes known as the safari jacket, this is a great addition to your closet. It’s an immediate look enhancer adding the right amount of panache for your casual outing. 

STYLING TIPS: Pair this jacket with a casual Mandarin-collared shirt with jeans or chinos for a refined brunch look. Wear it with your favourite pair of plain sneakers, and you are good to go!

The Linen Bomber Jacket

When you think of bomber jackets, linen is not the first thing that comes to your mind! A fairly new addition to the linen-jacket family, the linen bomber jacket is a chef’s kiss for all things fashion. 

STYLING TIPS: Wear your linen bomber jacket over a tee or polo T-shirt and pair it with shorts and sneakers. This is an ideal look for your weekend getaway with the boys.

The Linen Cardigan

Cardigans are sweaters, but a linen cardigan is a style statement. It’s effortless and can single-handedly change your outfit from drab to fab. It comes in different lengths for you to choose from, depending on how you like to wear them.

STYLING TIPS: Choose a slightly brighter colour cardigan to wear along with white jeans and a white T-shirt. Pair with loafers or sandals for a laid back look.

The Nehru Linen Jacket

A jacket style made famous by our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, it has stood the test of time. Often seen in a traditional setting, this style of jacket oozes importance and demands respect.

STYLING TIPS: Choose a linen Nehru jacket in a deep maroon. Wear this jacket with a pair of black well-tailored straight pants and dress shoes. You are all set to shine!

Linen jackets are elegant and a class apart from the regular blazers and jackets. While finding a wide range of colours might seem hard at first, picking the classic beige, white, black and the occasional grey is a foolproof fashion choice you can’t go wrong with. Linens will never go out of style.


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