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A Man’s Guide To Wearing Animal Prints Like A Boss

Shahid Kapoor


It’s time to go crazy with wild prints!

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Certain trends come as fads; quick to get hyped, but leave just as fast. Then there are classics which will always be a part of our closets. Referring to a particular fashion trend, Christian Dior once said, “If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it.” Well, he was talking about animal prints! What started with us wearing animal hides as clothes have now transcended to us wearing animal prints in all shapes and forms. This trend has been with us since time immemorial and we at Man’s Life had to share all the tips and tricks to wear them like a pro!


Men shouldn’t be afraid of wearing prints, especially animal prints. Some men have embraced the look and do it complete justice—like actor Shahid Kapoor or director-producer Karan Johar slaying the zebra print suit standing next to actress Deepika Padukone! It’s such a fun way of experimenting with your clothes and stepping out looking your best.


Animal prints are best worn in a casual setting, but you can amp it up and layer as you please. Shirts are bound to be found in your wardrobe. Take a break from wearing the plain, and sometimes a tad boring shirt and swap it with an animal-printed one! While leopard print is the most common one to be found, you can invest in a good zebra or snake print shirt as well!

Styling Tip: Wear your animal print shirt with a solid coloured bottom, like black tailored pants or chinos. If you prefer being subtle with the print, layer the shirt with a blazer or jacket in solid colours again. Wear some ankle-length boots and finish off with some subtle jewellery like rings or a bracelet.


Pants, shorts and everything else that you wear below your top can be in animal prints. Yes, we know it can get loud, but hey what is the harm in trying something different for a change? Trust us, you can pull off anything as long as you own it. From cow print to leopard, bottom wear in animal prints has been making the rounds since early 2019. It’s still in fashion and is a must-have in your closet.

Styling Tip: Pair your leopard-print pants or shorts with an oversized T-shirt preferably in a solid colour. Match with chunky sneakers and a cool cap!


The epitome of fashionable attire is having a well-constructed jacket with you. Be it a bomber jacket or the teddy jacket, animal prints make it a class apart. An animal print jacket is the best way of amplifying an otherwise boring jacket that wouldn’t have made an impact. Wear an animal print jacket and tell us heads won’t turn. Impossible, look at singer Kanye West! He sure does make people stop in their tracks.

Styling Tip: The one thing to remember while wearing the animal print jacket is to make it the star. If you are wearing an animal print leather jacket, pair it with jeans and a casual shirt, loafers and a stunning watch to tie the look together.


Why should you wear animal prints only during the day? It’s time to make your sleepwear fancy. Don’t shrug it away, embrace the animal print life. Pyjama co-ord sets aren’t just for women, men in fact have a range of great night suit sets that will make your girl curl up next to you in an instant. Be it shorts or tracks, owning an animal print co-ord pyjama set is a game-changer. So the next time you are out on a staycation or weekend getaway with friends, turn up the heat with your sleepwear.

Styling Tip: If wearing the set together seems extra to you, go on wearing it with a different separate. Match the shirt with plain tracks or shorts with a plain T-shirt for a fashion-forward night look.


Want to go a little extra? A little OTT? We got you covered. Ever tried on an animal suit set? It’s the jam for those who like things to go over the top. Just the right amount of craziness to make you stand out from the rest. The next dinner party you attend or a wedding reception you want to dazzle in, wear a full-on animal print suit. If just the suit doesn’t cut it for you, add a shirt in the same print as actor Ranveer Singh and make heads turn!

Styling Tip: Not everyone is a print maniac and loves the whole print-on -print-game. If you are that person, swap the animal print trousers for a solid one and look just as dashing. Wearing the printed blazer with a satin shirt and trousers with dress shoes can have the same effect as wearing a print on print.


While wearing animal print on the outside is all good and fancy, wearing boxers and briefs in animal print is a naughty secret that makes you feel good on the inside. We don’t know who you intend to show it to, but we believe that it will leave a mark for sure—a good one that is.

Styling Tip: What can we say, wear just that. Add clothes over it if you like!


Pairing animal print accessories with your everyday outfit can amp up your look. Investing in an animal print bag or shoes or even bucket hats for the complete street style look is recommended.

Styling Tip: Wear an animal print sneaker with a solid co-ord streetwear set. Then, add a fun fanny pack and you are good to go. If you want a classy bag while travelling, buy yourself a fancy animal print cabin bag and make your vacation fashionable.

Whenever you decide to wear animal prints know that more is more—the less is more policy doesn’t work here. The prints aren’t meant to be subtle, they are meant to make you shine. So look your best with the addition of animal prints this season.


[Image Credit: Dev Mukherjee / Pinterest]