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A Man’s Guide On Wearing Trench Coats

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Winter just got a lot more stylish!

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If you were to ask us to vote for the MOST FASHIONABLE winter wearwe would choose the Trench Coat even in our sleep!  It is so much more than just outerwear. It’s a coat yes, but with so much history. Trench coats have been around since World War I. Worn by those who fought in the war, they got famous amongst the civilians when the soldiers decided to wear them back home. It’s been close to a century since its debut, and here we are, still treating it like the star it (truly) is.

The trench coat is a wardrobe staple and a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. Sure it has moved away from its original design and functionality, but it’s fashionable grandeur still remains the same!


Just one look at a trench coat, and it should remind you of its military influence. Broad lapels, adjustable belt, double-breasted design (though single-breasted ones are also largely found)you’ll know when you look at one!

Made usually with cotton gabardinea tightly woven and breathable fabric that protects against the elementsit’s a step up from the cotton blazer and lighter than a heavy wool coat. Synthetic trench coats including the PVC ones have also made their mark in the market.

When it comes to colour, you can’t go wrong with a good shade of camel or tan—to keep things original. Of course, we can’t forget the progress we have made in fashion and the influence that colours have on our clothes. Style makes you do crazy things. We’re In that era of the unhinged trench coat colours like burgundy, neon green, camouflage exist. Even prints have made their presence known! If you are somebody who is going to wear the trench coat often, keep in mind the dress code you have to follow. Sticking to the basics will only help in the trench coat’s versatility.


This is the fun part of owning a trench coat the countless ways you can pair it to make a fantastic outfit. Let’s just go over some basics and leave the rest for you to experiment with.


Trench coats are 100% work approved. They work well with formal attire and are best paired with suits. A camel-coloured trench coat looks the best when paired with a blue or grey coloured suit. Keep it open or tied up, the choice is yours. Finish off with some brogues or clean black lace-ups for the ultimate boss attire!


It isn’t that difficult to take your trench coat from work mode to play mode. Swap the suit for some comfy jeans and a tee. Add in a pair of sneakers, maybe even a beanie and your sporty trench coat look is ready!


It’s great to have one trench coat in the OG colour scheme, but it’s not too bad to have some fun with other colours as well. Brands like Berluti and Burberry have played around with colours for their menswear collection. Pairing the coloured trench with similar colours to make a monochromatic look is the easiest way to carry it.


Nothing better to keep you warm than wearing a trench with a turtleneck. It makes you look suave and feels really comfortable. Stick to warmer tones if you decide to wear it during winters to match the feels of the season. Pair it with jeans or chinos, some lace-up boots and you are good to go!


If you intend to wear the trench to work and don’t want to wear it with a suit, skip the jacket and wear it with just a shirt. You can choose to wear a tie with it to add more flair to the garment. If in a casual setting you can wear the shirt layered on a tee and finish the look with a trench coat. Like we said before, it is really easy to fit the trench coat with any style or occasion!


It’s winter and it’s time to whip out our sweaters. They are cosy and warm and what better way to layer them than with a trench coat? You can choose to wear a V-neck sweater with a shirt underneath to give off nerdy vibes OR wear a cable-knit sweater just by itself with a trench. No matter how you like to wear them, know that you will always look your best!


Yes, we did mention suits, but trench coats are great layering options over denim or bomber jackets. They add an extra dash of panache to the entire outfit, making you stand out from the rest.


Trench coats are made for all body shapes and sizes. If you are tall, wear a trench that finishes a couple of inches above the knee. If you are not gifted with extra few inches, opt for a shorter version of the trench coat that is still long enough to cover the suit jacket. Keeping the trench coat open flatters men who are skinny, as it adds more width and volume to your body. If you are someone who has wide shoulders or has a boxy body, tie up your trench coat, as the cinched waist will be flattering!

You do not have to begin the trench journey by investing hordes of money on luxury brands. There are affordable options now available for you to try and experiment with! The one thing that we can guarantee is that there will be no looking back once you own a trench coat!


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