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A Guy’s Guide To Trousers

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Buckle up for a crash course on all things pants!

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Sure, you can dress up your favourite pair of skinny-fit jeans. However, there’s something about a pair of well-tailored trousers that immediately takes you from a ‘good dresser’ to someone with ‘great style’. While we totally get the enchanting qualities of statement shoes, jackets and all things oversized—trust us when we say this—nothing compares to the quiet power of a well-fitted trouser. Besides, it remains one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe: You can either dress it down with a pair of sneakers and your best tee OR jazz it up with a double-breasted jacket and Derby shoes or brogues to make a statement!

Here’s our list of eight trousers that will change your style game…


Light and breathable, linen trousers are perfect for hot Indian summers. They dry quickly too making them ideal to add to your monsoon wardrobe rotation!  Until recently, linen pants weren’t considered cool, but they’ve worked their way up the popularity ladder! Today, linen trousers aren’t shapeless but more tapered to flatter most body shapes. 

EDITOR’S TIPS: A linen suit is a great look for lunch dates/meetings. You could wear one with a linen shirt, tucked in. Keep things casual by pairing cropped linen trousers with a snug T-shirt and sneakers or loafers.


Pleated trousers may conjure up images of our granddads in pants bunched up and creased at the waist. Fashion being on a perpetual cyclical churn—has brought back a big trend of the ’90s—pleats! Pleated trousers are where comfort courts style. Don’t pay heed to those who say that these pants are only reserved for the office. They are more fun than that! Having said that, wearing them is a risky business, but which will get you major style cred when done right: The trick lies in striking the right balance between fitted and loose! 

EDITOR’S TIPS: Tapered cuts work the best and so do cropped styles.  Wear it with a relaxed blazer/jacket over a white or black tee. Get into the holiday mood by pairing a Hawaiian shirt. A tucked-in Cuban-collar shirt works nicely too. The best bet? You can wear these with almost every kind of shoe!



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Let’s make one thing clear first: By cropped trousers we mean, ones that reveal just a bit of your ankles and not pantaloons! Cropped trousers are here to stay because the lines between formal and smart casual have been blurring for a few seasons now! Getting the length right is crucial, though. Get it to fit you right by altering the length if need be at the store or go to your trusted tailor. Cropped chinos work well for formal and semi-formal looks.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Black cropped trousers will pair nicely with a grey blazer and a button down grey/navy shirt. For weekend escapades choose an earthy shade to wear with a white shirt, a suede bomber and low top sneakers. Make sure to wear invisible socks with these. You can wear cropped chinos with—brogues, espadrilles, sneakers, loafers or boat shoes (casual wear).


Never thought we would say this in this century, but corduroys are back! A smash hit in the ’70s—cord is a textile composed of woven, twisted cotton or wool, resulting in parallel lines. They also last for a really long time. They’re best reserved for the colder months.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Wear loose fit corduroy pants with a shirt and loafers for laid-back vibes. If you want to add some drama, try wearing a plain tee with a printed overcoat/chore jacket. A slim-cut corduroy suit with a turtleneck and monk-strap shoes will ensure that you’re the cynosure of all eyes this party season.


Don’t be scared! You won’t look like a kid pretending to be an adult in his dad’s clothes! High-waisted trousers are tricky to pull off because you need to nail the length and cut. Also, best to be avoided if your tummy needs a bit of toning. If you’re going for wide-legged high-waisted trousers, make sure you choose a cropped one—so that you don’t look like you don’t have feet! 

EDITOR’S TIPS: High-waisted pants look great with a polo tee or a crew-neck one. You can even pair it with a turtleneck for a slightly preppy vibe. Throw on a jacket or overcoat when the mercury drops. Canvas shoes or high-top sneakers will look the best.


We can call this the ‘relaxed workwear’ essential. These amazingly chill pants are so comfortable, they can easily be mistaken for sweatpants. We at Man’s Life love the drawstring trousers—for how flattering they look on all body types! A cropped, tapered ankle drawstring pant made either from wool or cotton will keep things in the workwear category. 

EDITOR’S TIPS: Charcoal, navy, and olive will work for most people. These will look fabulous with—cashmere cardigans, knit polo tees and basic shirts with Oxford shoes. For an off-duty look wear drawstring pants with a Cuban-collar shirt or a T-shirt and sneakers. 


The cargo pants have been given a facelift! There’s nothing 1990s about them (thank God)! The key to getting a pair of cargos to work for you—lies in hitting the sweet spot between slim and spacious. Also, though this utilitarian menswear comes with many pockets, it’s best you don’t use it as your ‘cabin luggage’!

EDITOR’S TIPS: Khaki hued cargos are your safest bet. You can wear them practically with anything in navy/dark blue.  A pair black cargo trousers can be worn with a button-down shirt, and a navy overcoat with sneakers.


Woolen Trousers
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Strictly for men who have an innate sense of style!  Wool trousers have been a hit among the artsy and creative set for a long time—and will continue to be so. Italian men have a thing for these too, and that’s saying something considering they’re some of the best-dressed people on the planet! Perfect both for styling with other tailored separates or smartening a casual getup, the wool trouser will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe. 

EDITOR’S TIPS: Dress it down with a pair of sneakers and a tee or wear them with a buttoned-down shirt—with a pair of brogues or Derby shoes! 

Why stick to jeans when you can add these unsung heroes of bottom wear to your closet?


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