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8 Best Colour Combos For Men

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Ditch boring blues and blacks, and add some colour to your wardrobe.

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Coco Chanel once said, “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” We stand by it. One can never go wrong with colours. We are meant to see the world in all its glory through colour. Though we appreciate the occasional white or dare we say the colour black that dominates your wardrobe, a splash of colour does no one any harm. We looked at colours across the spectrum and have come up with a list of colour combinations to bring out the best in you. Here are our top eight colour pairings to try out!



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The humble colour brown is usually lost in the background just playing the role of accentuating the other colours in the garment or come into play only through accessories. It’s time to give brown its due! Brown’s wonderful colour to play with and wearing different hues in the brown palette, sets you apart from those who go the predictable style-route with blues or blacks. Besides, browns complement warm Indian skin tones beautifully! Excellent to wear in terms of formal clothing, brown should be your choice of colour the next time you go shopping. Actor/Singer Jared Leto makes this shade (and everything else for that matter) work spectacularly well.



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Grey and green! No, we are not colour blind and this is a fabulous combo to try, trust us. The subdued grey and the vibrant green is a combination that will make you stand out from the rest. Actor/Singer/Activist Jaden Smith has a unique way of pairing these colours together. If this look is too avant-garde for you, wear a grey blazer with green tailored pants or wear green joggers and a grey sweatshirt for a casual look.



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Blues are a quintessential part of colour pairings, but we are here to do things a tad differently. Pairing a bright yellow or mustard with a blue will change the entire feel of the outfit. The vibrant yellow elevates the subtle blue to make it a fun outfit for brunch or a weekend getaway with friends. Wear a yellow hoodie with blue jeans or do it like the famous Hollywood celebrity stylist Jason Bolden, he has a quirky way of pairing these colours together!



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Pastels have been a big deal for quite some time now. While it was restricted to pastel pink for men, this is slowly changing and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Don’t be afraid to embrace the lighter tones of colours. The combination of mint green and a pastel blue is light and fresh. While you can pair a mint green sweatshirt with pastel blue sweatpants you can also pair a mint green Cubano shirt with pastel blue shorts. Upcoming actor Rohit Saraf shows you how to pull off these colours with ease.



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This is not a colour combo that people would think of immediately! Which is exactly why it’s on our list! Maroon and black, contrary to popular opinion,  complement each other wonderfully. This pairing is ideal for a business casual look or a grand dinner party. You can pair a maroon or oxblood polo T-shirt with black pants or an entire black shirt and trouser look with a maroon blazer. If you are a risk-taker do it like singer Armaan Malik, go all maroon with just a pop of black!



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Take your everyday colours and spin them around. Light blue and grey is one such pairing. It’s definitely a formal colour choice that screams office, but you can use the same colours to dress differently. Pair a light blue bomber jacket with grey jeans or wear a grey T-shirt with light blue pants. Social media fashion influencer who goes by whoismero shows how to elevate the business casual look using light blue and grey effortlessly.



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Don’t freak out, we aren’t going the barbie route, but taking colour inspiration from it! Light pinks have been finding a spot in menswear for quite a few seasons, but it’s time to shift the spotlight on bright pinks! We get that choosing to wear bright pink can be a daunting task, but it really makes Indian skin tones pop! Pairing white with pink helps in toning down its vibrancy. Wear an all-white look and pair it with a bright pink jacket to make a style statement. If you are someone like the British racing driver Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, you won’t have any problem in wearing all-pink with a pop of white, and nailing it like a boss!



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Hear us out, a pastel shade like mauve with a dark colour like navy blue is an extraordinary pairing to try. It may not be what you are used to, but hey as the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” It’s the perfect balance between being fun and being serious and trendy! Wear a mauve casual shirt with navy blue jeans or wear navy blue joggers with a mauve T-shirt. Actor Michael B Jordan in a mauve sweater with tailored pants is a serious inspiration on how to wear this look.

The next time you open your cupboard look at all the colours you have in it and decide to swap it to make a fun combination. If you end up with a pile of clothes only in neutrals, you know what to do: Gift yourself some clothes in unusual hues!


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