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7 Habits Of Impeccably Groomed Men

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These will make you take men’s grooming seriously!

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There’s something about a few guys that make them stand apart even in a crowded room. No, I am not talking about celebrities, who have an entourage to help them make a statement. I am talking about regular guys. Like you. Turns out, there are a few male grooming and male hygiene routines they follow meticulously! Personal hygiene for men involves more than just taking a shower daily! Read on to learn more….

1. Frequent appointments with a barber/hairstylist

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If your hair is sprouting out in all directions, it’s time for a trim. Even if you’re growing it out. So, make sure that you show up on your favourite barber or hairstylist’s chair regularly—for a haircut or beard shaping. While some guys settle for monthly appointments, proactive guys who are serious about their grooming routines—show up at least on a fortnightly basis! A healthy hair and clean scalp is also a crucial men’s health tip and must be added to the list of hygiene for men. Why you ask? Scalp infections can cause some serious trouble. Use a great quality shampoo, conditioner, and hairstyling products at home. 

2. Sunscreen. Every single day!

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The ONE product that should be in your all-weather defence skincare arsenal. Well-groomed guys know this, and use sunscreen with at least an SPF 30+++ daily. Mumbai-based Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad says, “Men have skin too and without sun protection, even their skin can develop rashes and hyperpigmentation, get sunburned/tanned and accelerate the skin’s ageing process.” Daily usage of sunscreen or sunblock is a recommended men’s health tip because prolonged exposure to harsh sun can even lead to skin cancer!

3. Say no to BO!

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Body odour is a turn-off. There are no two ways about it.  Plus, with the harsh summers in India, sweating is unavoidable. Body hygiene for men is vital for those who like to take care of themselves and be presentable. Shower twice, daily. Carry a change of clothes to work or college if you sweat a lot. Carry a natural deodorant for your pits and your favourite perfume. Try and wear summer shoes that are easy on your feet. Here’s one more men’s health tip: Excessive sweating can also be an indication of an underlying condition like hormonal imbalance. Get it checked. Smelly feet are a big no-no too and a regular foot-care routine is essential. Well-groomed guys are proactive in their approach and take care—as they don’t want others to avoid them like plague! 

4. Replace your used razor cartridges

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This is a must-do hygiene tip for men with facial hair. Discard your cartridge razor after every six shaves. Used ones keep accumulating—dead skin, hair clippings, and bacteria. So, don’t be a cheapskate and keep reusing the same one. You can buy a few at affordable prices online. Changing blades or cartridges frequently—will make sure you will have a clean, close shave, free of razor burn and ingrown hair, which can turn into painful pus-filled zits. Ouch!

5. Trim those brows

Close up of bearded man closing eyes and hands in rubber gloves holding tweezers and plucking his eyebrows

Big eyebrows are not problematic. Case in point: Ayushmann Khurrana, Ranveer Singh and American actor/director the ageless George Clooney. However, a monobrow and brow hair that’s too long needs maintenance and cleaning. On your next salon appointment—ask the expert to sort your brows out for you. Most men do it. Some of your friends too. 

6. Dental health

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Here’s one more men’s health tip for you: Your oral health can be linked to your cardiac health. Gum disease is associated with an increased risk for developing heart diseases. So book half-yearly appointments with your dentist (more if you have tooth decay), brush twice daily, floss and as basic as this sounds — wash your mouth after each meal and snack! No one wants to kiss someone with bad breath or rotten teeth! Is that incentive enough for you?

7. Intimate hygiene

washed underwear

Well-groomed men keep things clean down under. Manscaping and keeping your man parts fresh and dry is essential men’s sexual health—as it reduces the chance of infections and bacterial build-up. Also, don’t be lazy and wear washed underwear DAILY!

Proper male hygiene is not just for being presentable, but healthy too. If you look at it, this list is very basic and doable. You just need to make yourself and your personal hygiene a priority! The secret is to appear understated: Be the man who looks after himself without being OTT! 


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