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7 Fun Websites To Browse This Lockdown

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All work and no play will make you a dull gent

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Nobody ever predicted that we would indefinitely be home stuck to our laptops, relying on them for both work and play/entertainment. The pandemic has taken away our social calendars and weekly game night with friends. Setting up high-speed internet and finding quiet corners at home is what our life looks like now. Everyone needs a break once in a while. 

No, watching endless cat videos and movie streaming apps are not the only source of amusement on the web. Geek gods of the Internet, have made sure that you have a lot more to look forward to when you decide to add a new tab on Google. Here is our list of fun and entertaining websites to waste your time or maybe learn something new during this WFH season.


Drive & Listen website

Imagine yourself sitting in a car, driving around the roads of New York or the streets of Paris. The local radio is on and you are enjoying the views around. Seems like something that you can only dream about sitting at home right? Well, Drive and Listen  puts you in the driver’s seat of a car cruising on the roads of your favourite city. With over 30 cities to choose from, this website is the answer to every wanderlust’s prayer. So, the next time you want a break from work and want to travel to your favourite city without paying a buck you know where to go.

Link :


Drinkify website

This one is strictly for the adults-only club. Drinkify as the name suggests revolves around drinks, of all sorts. This app-like website offers you drink or cocktail pairings based on the artist playlist you decide to listen to while unwinding after a long day’s work. While some drink pairings do make sense, the others just crack you up : We typed Elton John and it suggested whiskey on the rocks. For the uninitiated, Sir John has been a teetotaller for over two decades and counting!

Link :


Little Alchemy 2 website

Well, this one is definitely a winner,  especially if you’re a self-confessed nerd. Little Alchemy is all about creating new elements of Nature or even things really. The site opens with the basic four elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth. There are no rules here, you just keep adding elements together, use a little of your basic middle-school science, and you are good to go. For example, fire and air will form smoke. I, dear reader, started playing it a while back, lost track of time and now have 20 new elements on my list that include a house, the solar system and a beach. Definitely, a must-try.

Link :


Radiooooo website

A hidden gem for music lovers, this website transcends the entire globe. This website is strangely intriguing—it allows you to browse music from different time periods from anywhere in the world. You can pick a decade, you can pick a country and the website will play you songs the radio used to play from during that time. It’s a rather interesting way of exploring music from different countries as well as seeing the ever changing world of music from one decade to another.

Link :


Geo Guessr website

This is easily one of the most exciting web browser games this season. Here is how you play, you basically get dropped in an unknown location on google maps and have to guess which country you are in and once you get the answer the game ends. On days that you are lucky, you might find a dustbin with something written on it or on your bad days just roads that look like every other city. Stand-up comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath live-streamed the session of him playing. It’s a great way to get some adrenaline pumping and keep your brain energised, as you compete with people from around the world to get out. This is definitely a game that reminds everyone why they should have paid more attention to geography in school. What fun!

Link :


What should I read next website

Any bibliophiles in the house? If you have exhausted your ‘to read list’ and are searching for more books in the genre you loved, look no further. What Should I Read Next is a website that gives you book recommendations based on the author or genre you like. If someone likes the same book as you there is a high chance they would have recommended similar books for everyone else to read. There are no reviews for the books—so, do your homework once you pick a title.

Link :


Supercook website

How many times have you opened your fridge and found nothing to eat, and have been irritable at just the sight of raw vegetables and a few condiments that you have no idea what to do with? SuperCook is made for days like that. All you have to do is open the website, the bar on the left has a section of ingredients that are sectioned into categories like dairy, vegetables, spices, meat etc. Tick the ones you have and as you go through the list, the page on the right starts updating itself with recipes you can make with whatever you have in your pantry. Well, if that wasn’t enough—from the healthy diet fans and ones who love a particular ingredient to those who love a particular cuisine—they have something for everyone

Link :

Now that you have this list, stop Netflixing, and hop onto one of these websites and have fun. We welcome thank you cards!


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