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7 Best Fuss-Free Hairstyles For Men In 2021

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These are the top 7 hair styles of 2021

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On some days, your hair can be a difficult beast to tame. While the ‘new year, new look’ motto may get most of us to try a fancy new haircut, it may be difficult to style/maintain daily outside of a salon. Here are seven low-on-maintenance, but high-on-the-fashion-index to get you cruising through 2021.

1. The crew cut
This cool, preppy hairstyle is a classic that refuses to die down. The crew cut wins the popular vote because it’s not only easy-to-maintain but also masculine and athletic in appeal. The best bet? It’s versatile: You can either keep the top short or grow it long for a side-swept look. Or ask your hairstylist for short-tapered, faded sides for a striking contrast look. Works on all face shapes and pairs well with a well-maintained stubble.

2. The buzz cut
Hate it or love it, the buzz cut isn’t going away anytime soon. Not ever. The hair is cut using electric clippers to ‘buzz’ the top of your hair to a uniform length. A great option for keeping your head cool and your scalp, sweat-and-itch-free. The buzz cut is great for young and old alike, as it works on different hair textures and face shapes. It’s a fabulous haircut for men with receding hairlines—as the cut makes your head seem fuller and well-defined. Red flag: If you have large ears or scars/bumps on your head, it’s best to stay away from this hairstyle.

3. The taper cut
One more to the never-goes-out-of-style list. The taper cut rakes in fans because it’s neither too boring nor too wild. A low-maintenance style that has the prowess to grab eyeballs! The hair on the sides and back is tapered quite short while the hair on top is left long. Shorter hair will give a more professional, classic appearance, while longer hair will almost resemble a quiff, giving you a more contemporary look. A must-get cut for those who need a hairstyle that can multitask, and strike the perfect balance between casual and professional: A tidy, well-behaved mane for the workweek, and a polished look for the weekends. The classic taper cut also works well on all face shapes and hair types. Before stepping out, tame the top with your fingertips with a little gel or a pomade for a more set look. No products needed if you’re going for more of a #wokeuplikethis feel. You could team this cut with a statement beard too.

4. The side-part cut
Channel some old-Hollywood glamour with the oh-so-refined, side-part cut; classic and sexy in equal measure. A dapper cut that doesn’t need a tonne of work in the morning, and is ideal for a formal do. The top and sides are cut traditionally to give the side part haircut its all-around timeless look. The result is a short, neat style. The side part works great on thick hair and best suits square and oval face shapes. A superb choice for those with straight or wavy hair. TIP: If you’d like, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a hard part, which is a shaved line that creates a clearly defined parting. This makes the hairstyle more noticeable and contrasts the top with the sides.

5. The Ivy League cut
A unison of the crew cut and side-part, this style is perfect for men aiming for a sophisticated look. Unlike a crew cut, this hairstyle leaves more volume at the crown to make the side-parting. This gives your face a well-defined appearance and is great for men with supermodel-like cheekbones. This easy-to-maintain cut doesn’t need products. If you do like primping it up, a casual styling wax will do the trick.

6. The butch cut
One of the extra-short cousins to the buzz cut, this hairstyle is great for summers or when you don’t want to be bogged down by mane troubles. Also known as the brush cut, the butch cut is a short, uniform hairstyle. The hair is cut to the same length all around the head using clippers. This fuss-free haircut is great for youngsters and also for those with receding hairlines. While your hair won’t need much taming, applying some product can give it a nice glossy finish. This is the haircut you go for if you have a strong jawline a la David Beckham.

7. The clean shaved look
Free yourself from all hair and hairstyling-related commitments/worries in 2021 by shaving your hair off. While a head free of hair doesn’t require any styling, it does call for regular upkeep. If you are looking to keep your head neat and cleanly shaven, a shear every other day should be in the cards. However, you could easily buy yourself a few weeks by growing it out into a buzz cut. A nice, round, clean head is apt for this look. Also, book that appointment at the salon to get this done by a professional.

The haircuts listed above can all be grown or transformed into other hairstyles and can also be styled differently. Just make sure to head to the salon with references/pics so that the hair expert and you can choose the best haircut (according to your face shape and hair type). Happy snipping!


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