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6 Key Swimwear Trends For Men In 2021

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The best swimming shorts/trunks for the post-lockdown poolside or beach vacay

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You’ve been wearing the same chlorine-beaten swimming trunks to the pool for years. In a post-pandemic world, when pools and beaches reopen, maybe, it’s time to get a new pair of shorts? Fact is, nowadays, the very best men’s swim trunks double up as the perfect shorts—for hanging out at home, for a jog in the park or even for hitting the Starbucks around the corner for a Frappuccino. So, here are six best swimwear trends to look for this summer….


Nothing says summer like nautical-inspired fashion. Nautical-inspired swimwear is a classic way to channel some effortless Parisian cool. This season’s maritime look has an upgraded take on Breton stripes—the sea-blue stripes are named after Brittany, the region they were created first—and were worn back in 1858 by the navy in Northern France! The revamped versions are bolder—they’re stacked, layered or re-coloured and balance nonchalance and style in true French fashion. The best bet? They work even when you don’t have a beach body (yet)!  If you’re on the slimmer side, horizontal stripes will add a little width. If you have a little bit of lockdown weight to tackle or are on the shorter side, vertical stripes will make you look leaner and taller.
EDITOR’S TIPS: Swimming shorts with bold vertical stripes are peak summer fashion. Pair them with a basic tee and flip flops or espadrilles for a laid-back summer style. 


Tie-dye is all about hipster-cool. A trend that has seen a surge in fandom  during the pandemic—swimming trunks/shorts with pops of colour is a great way of testing the waters before you decide to go all out! If bright hues aren’t really your thing, try one with darker colours;  a brooding take on the traditional rainbow hues of a tie-dye!
EDITOR’S TIPS: Whether it’s for sunbathing by your private pool or your balcony, make sure to either wear the tie-dye swim shorts on its own or pair it with a basic white T-shirt or vests.


[Source: Paul Smith]

Travelling to exotic places or even a weekend getaway is on everyone’s post-pandemic wish list. If you’re not sure about jetting off to magical lands this year, bring the holiday home with idyllic shots of faraway tropical islands, snow-capped mountains, beaches and more.  Paradise getaway is the muse of most brands these days, offering a slice of heaven in these bleak times! Paul Smith in its Spring/Summer 2021 line-up had one with a print of a Maldivian sunset!
EDITOR’S TIPS: These prints are bold and sometimes loud, so, offset them with basic tees and slides or flip flops. 


The military-inspired/camouflage style has been a relevant trend for years. It’s now trickled down to the beaches too. Action man-style shorts should be kept to mid-thigh level. If you’re not comfortable with patterned shorts, solid khaki ones work too, but the ideal length is just above the knee and never longer.
EDITOR’S TIPS: If your legs can give a grasshopper a run for its money, then camouflage shorts are perfect for you. The busy pattern will add some much-needed width and bulk to your skinny legs.


Botanical or floral prints aren’t just for the ladies anymore! Swimming trunks or shorts with tropical foliage is perfect for living the beach-vacation life, even when you have nowhere to go. Or when you can fly off to Maldives or Hawaii next! These prints are fun and the ideal way to try wearing some if you’re the kind of man who likes to stick to plain colours. Besides, these will look great in pictures and IG stories.
EDITOR’S TIPS: If you have a light complexion choose florals with a dark/contrasting background and vice versa.


Swimwear shorts in a classic,  sleek fit tailored to perfection, was an anomaly until recently.  Since we spent the most of 2020 and continue to be stuck at home in loungewear even today, it only makes sense that swimwear brands are adding tailored silhouettes to holiday wardrobes. Tom Ford has one and so does many high-street brands.
EDITOR’S TIPS: This all-rounder can be easily paired with everything else in your summer wardrobe.

These swimwear trends are designed to keep you cool this season. No water necessary. 


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