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6 Card Games That Will Make Your Party A Lot More Fun

Group of friends relaxing and playing cards together


No house party is complete without a fun round of games.

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The one thing that the lockdown has made us realise is how much we miss socialising. With the restrictions being lifted in most cities, we are sort of crawling outside of our bedrooms (we’re yet to reach a pre-pandemic level of freedom). For those who still are wary of public reunions and for good reason, chilling at your friend’s house or hosting a house party is the best solution. What better way to keep the party raging within the confines of your home than by playing games that involve your entire crew or even family?

We at Man’s Life have compiled a list of the six card games for either gifting that friend who loves throwing house parties or for you to play at home!



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You must have heard of the game of charades. If you haven’t, which planet are you from? This game is all about guessing the word with zero to no verbal clues. The team of Social Humour introduced this  westernised game with an Indian twist—Paarivarik Humour. It has 40 cards, three rounds and a game for the whole family. Have fun watching everyone forget rules and miming words like Fixed Deposit and son for you to guess.



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This is meant for those who love a good strategy game. The Pandemic Wars is a card game with a simple rule—build a business empire that will stand strong in the pandemic economy. Make the right investments, multiply your net worth, lead your country into an economic victory. Could you have guessed that this was started in 2020? Comes with 216 cards with a detailed rulebook—this card set is perfect game night for geeks!



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We love animals we promise, especially kittens, but what a crazy name for a card game! We love it! We know for a fact, the wackier the name, the more fun it is to play. It will take you 15 minutes to learn, they have cards that are good, bad and will always help while playing. It’s family-friendly and a party game for two to five players. Use the cards in the deck to move, mitigate, or avoid the exploding kittens. It’s like Uno really, except there are goats, magical enchiladas and kittens that can kill you! What fun! 



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Cards vs Sanskaar is always ready to invite you to The Dark Side (at least that’s what their website says!), where a jolly bunch of unsanskaari Indians decide to land up. It’s hands down one of the easiest games to play. You have a question card that the judge picks which has questions/prompts on them – In the event of a crisis in a country, we always blame it on?. The red cards have the answers in the form of joke punchlines – Arnab’s interviews, a steamy kitty party or even Sharmaji ka beta. Match the funniest ones together and have a good laugh. The combinations are one too many and the fun endless.



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Get ready to be sloshed out of your mind! It is a pretty simple drinking game that can be played from the comfort of your couch provided you have an alcoholic beverage with you of course! With dares that can get you wasted, and chugging challenges, you are in for a wild ride. It’s cheeky, sometimes outrageous, but surely a lot of fun. This is definitely the most savage drinking game out there! Strictly for those above the legal drinking age!



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If you are a Bollywood film junkie, this game is for you. This game like its name suggests is filmie AF. You get to guess more than 500 movies with plot hints, dance, songs, acting and even drawing. The game is endless fun and a total mood changer. Filmie comes in a tin box packed with cards that are ready to be dealt. 

Who doesn’t want people to have a good time when together? Card games are an excellent way of breaking the ice and moving away from awkward conversations. Pick up these cards and have a cracking party!


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