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5 Ways To Wear A Cuban Collared Shirt

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Cuban collared shirts are here to take over your fashion game.

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There are a lot of must-haves in a man’s closet, the retro button-down Cuban collared shirt is one such must-have. This boxy, shapeless piece of garment has made its comeback and how. Cuban collared shirts first came into prominence in the 1950s, with a distinct collar design that was meant to be casual. With no top button, no starch fold and ample chest on display, this is one such garment that suits all body types. Worn by neighbourhood uncles to musician Elvis Presley, Cuban collared shirts have remained unchanged through the years. This versatile short-sleeved, tropical print haven is every man’s go-to choice while on vacation. While we can’t go to the tropical lands for leisure just yet, we decided to put the Cuban collared shirt also called the camp collared shirt to better use.

Dressing like Chandler Bing from Friends isn’t the only way one can wear these shirts. We at Man’s Life bring to you the various ways you can amp up your look using this wardrobe essential….


The Cuban collared shirt screams loungewear and has a laid-back mood. An easy way to dress down using the shirt is to wear it over a tee. You don’t have to worry about buttoning up, let the shirt flap in the wind reminding you of the vacation you took in Goa. This look is best worn with a T-shirt that doesn’t have any logo or prints. Camp shirts are pretty bold by themselves and any tee with prints or logos on it can get distracting.

Pro Tip: While wearing a plain tee underneath, tuck in your Cuban collared shirt. Pair it with narrow cropped trousers and loafers to complete the look. Accessorise with a watch, hat or bag.


While we did say that the Cuban collared shirts are all about leisure, nothing stops you from making it business casual or wedding appropriate. Pairing a fun printed shirt with the not-so-usual structured collars is a good spin on what we usually wear with suits.

Pro Tip: Choose a suit set of the same colour and break the monochromatic look with a fun Cuban collared shirt. Pair it with sneakers, loafers or even dress shoes.


Cuban collared shirts are loose and roomy. A perfect romantic date outfit can have you pairing the printed shirt with jeans and sneakers. This look is casual yet well thought of. You want to balance the boxy fit of the shirt with the structured jeans creating a great visual impact for your date! We are sure you will get lucky if you pull this look off!

Pro Tip: Pair a striped or large floral printed Cuban collared shirt with blue ’90s jeans and white sneakers for a casual brunch look.


A Cuban collared shirt paired with shorts is a welcome change! With its tropical vibes and bold prints, this is definitely a look one must wear while sipping beer on a weekend getaway with your buddies. While choosing shorts make sure you pick up tailored and tapered shorts instead of cargo or board shorts—they aren’t accepted with the Cuban holiday look.

Pro Tip: While pairing your shirt with shorts, pick up neutral bottom wear, like black, beige or blue. Finish the look with sandals and a great hat.


One of the most refined ways of wearing a Cuban collared shirt is with trousers. Pairing the shirt with baggy or tailored pants are a great option. Stick to solid neutral colours and if you feel a little adventurous opt for a pinstripe or small checkered trousers. You can either completely tuck it in or French tuck it for a casual day out.

Pro Tip: Pair the printed Cuban collared shirt with linen trousers to amplify the whole mood of the look. Party on top and chill in the bottom is a great way of showing the versatility of the shirt.

So what if we can’t go on vacations anymore, make vacation come to you. Wear the Cuban collared shirts using these tips and wow those around you!


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