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5 Ways To Style Your Denim Jacket

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Fashion comes and goes, but denims are eternal.

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Remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake graced the 2001 American music awards in their all denim look, with Justin wearing a denim tuxedo? That was the start of a trend that we now love and embrace. 1853, the year of the Gold Rush was when denim was the most popular. With Levi Strauss making denim pants for miners at that time to Jacob Davis adding copper rivets to its seams and pockets, denim went from being a  working man’s wardrobe to a fashion staple.

Levi Strauss’s groundbreaking fashion inventions after a pair of jeans had to be the denim jacket! A popular addition to the wardrobe, this casual apparel is an iconic part of fashion history. A must-have in your cupboard for all seasons, here are our top picks on how to style your denim jacket.



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I know what you are thinking, a denim jacket and a shirt, two collared garments together? This is a definite trick to up your layering game. A shirt under a denim jacket should be your choice of the outfit while out for a lazy brunch date with your girl or your friends. If plain is too boring choose a plaid shirt or a printed one to jazz it up. Actor Vicky Kaushal is somebody who pulls off this look amongst many others with ease. Pair it with jeans of your choice, sneakers or boots and you are ready to stand out from the rest.



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A denim jacket and a hoodie are both exceptional pieces of clothing in their own way. Pairing them together makes a killer outfit that screams laidback cool. If you have an all black look—break it with a tan or brown denim jacket. If you are wearing a lighter hoodie, team it with an indigo or dark blue denim jacket. This is also a look that can be paired really well with loose street style joggers. Take a bright hoodie, pair it with black joggers and a black denim jacket, spice it with some spunky sneakers, and you are good to go!



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It is natural that when we say denim you are going to think of the colour blue. Turns out denim is just a fabric that is famously known to be in the colour blue, but not anymore. Do not stick to the regular when you decide to go shopping the next time. There are plenty of options out there from bright neon and red to sombre colours like white and beige. Choose a colour that makes you stand out from the rest. You can never go wrong in pairing any coloured denim jacket with a crew neck black or white T-shirt and regular jeans: A match made in heaven!



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Famous American singer Bing Crosby was denied entry into a hotel in Vancouver, Canada because he was wearing a denim on denim outfit and not a three-piece suit like the rest in there. Though Bing Crosby eventually did get entry into the hotel, this incident inspired Levis Strauss & Co to design a denim tuxedo so no man could ever be denied entry into a hotel for wearing denim, especially in Canada. The Canadian Tuxedo, though manufactured as a joke, remained to create history in making ‘denim-on-denim famous. This major faux pas turned into a fashion trend and the rest is history.

Don’t shy away from wearing denim-on-denim. As long as the shades of the blue match, the outfit will definitely be a winner. Blue is the safest when wearing this trend, but don’t shy away from using other monotones either. A full white look with a printed t-shirt is one way to go. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s stylist Isha Bhansali sure knows how to make him rock this trend by having him wear a pink monotoned tie-dye co-ord denim set. Breaking gender norms like a boss!



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Remember when a turtleneck with a denim jacket took over the fashion industry in the ’90s? Well, the trend is back!  A ribbed turtleneck by itself is a sophisticated piece of garment, but pairing it with a denim jacket instantly makes it a smart casual outfit. Something you could wear for a casual business meeting while still being stylish and formal. Dark tones are a preferred style with this pairing, a monochrome look for example. If you do intend to wear it with a lighter turtleneck— go for a white pair with an acid wash denim jacket and darker jeans. Actor Jeff Goldblum famous for his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect example of how age is no bar to pull off a denim jacket and turtleneck look!

We have come a long way from rejecting denim to making it a wardrobe staple. Denim jackets come in all forms and colours: Bejewelled, ripped, distressed and with patches. Treat your denim jacket like a bottle of wine and your clothes like cheese. Find the right pairing and satiate your fashion palate!


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