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5 Indie Fashion Brands To Look Out For

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It’s 2021. The last few months have made us realise the importance of ‘shopping smart’. Fast fashion looks attractive at its low prices, but thanks to the pandemic, we’ve hopefully realised we need to buy clothes that last longer. Slow fashion is THE way forward. India now has a slew of unique brands offering an interesting range of menswear. These brands are homegrown, locally sourced and very ‘current’. So, go beyond the basics, and create a new wardrobe with our list of best homegrown/independent brands.



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A pandemic baby, KiRu is an extraordinary independent Mumbai-based clothing brand founded by Krithika Chandramouli and Ruchika Bhat. Ethically sourced khadi and cotton constitute the backbone of this gender-neutral brand. It is an ode to the fun and light-hearted glorious days we know of and miss so dearly.



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Recycled clothes are so 2021! Doodlage believes that limited-edition capsule garments made from recycled factory waste will not cause any loss to your style credentials. This sustainable brand, run by the co-founders Kriti Tula and Paras Arora, doesn’t waste anything. Leftover fabrics are converted into accessories or used up for packaging. The job is meticulous, but the result is—beautifully textured and mismatched items—which will make for unique pieces in your closet.



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Street savvy, genderless and inspired by modern cultural fusion, this Delhi-based brand is unique and quirky. Make sure to buy their signature half and half printed shirts and whimsically printed garments! HOS is a brand that embodies the street style culture that is currently gaining momentum in our country. Its aesthetic, it’s casual. Its authentic and its for all the cool kids on the block!



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Influenced by the vibrancy of the country, Croquis is a brand dedicated to providing minimal clothing to youngsters. Elegant silhouettes are greatly influenced by casual men’s fashion; you’ll find varsity shirts to bomber jackets and elegant dressing styles pants to sweatshirts—this brand has everything!



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Fashion is always changing, and most (if not all) want to keep up with the trend. The ever-expanding wardrobes come with a price, one that the environment has to pay. Akshit Bhangars brainchild Urban Darzi is one such brand that breaks the chain of consumerism to make our shopping experience more ethical. The brand believes in the less-is-more philosophy and uses circular fashion as its base for making garments—using dead-stock handloom fabrics, and aims in taking you a step closer to sustainability!

When you shop local, you are not only supporting a small business thrive, but also reducing the impact of fast fashion on our planet. Besides, a minimal wardrobe with key pieces will work wonders too.


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