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11 Bachelor Pad Must-Haves!

Back view portrait of contemporary man watching TV in living room


Every home needs some finishing touches.

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If your bachelor pad still looks like a mess with dirty laundry and unwashed plates, you aren’t staying at home, you live in a pigsty. Places that look and smell like that aren’t really great for entertaining and aren’t leaving anyone impressed. It isn’t even good for your own physical and mental well-being! 

The new age gentlemen have all the suave to charm their way through, but you also need a well-kept home to complement it. Houses are a reflection of yourself and we at Man’s Life are here to help you put together a list of essentials your bachelor pad needs, today.


Patterned cushions on sofa next to wooden table and plant in dark apartment interior

There is nothing that makes a better invitation than a warm welcome and a comfortable place to rest your butt at. Investing in great-looking sofas that combine design with comfort are absolute winners. It fills up your pad and is a great piece to have while you entertain people at home or a good place to start your shenanigans on date night, before heading to your bedroom 😉😉.


different bar equipment and steel tools

If you have friends who come over for drinks and game night or even for a catch-up session over alcohol, having the basic bar tools help. It could just be a basic shaker with a bar spoon and a muddler with an addition of a corkscrew and a bottle opener. Saves you the time to come up with jugaadu options to pour yourself a beer.


Tampons, feminine sanitary pads, flowers and women's cosmetic bag on a pink background

This may not be common, but is definitely a recommended addition in a bachelor home. If you have female friends, cousins or even your girlfriend over having an emergency care basket for her will only make you a better man who understands women. Small things like these will make you the man your GF and friends remember.


Modern scandinavian living room interior with black mock up poster frame

Art and design are always conversation starters. If you are a man that has a flair for artistic things, invest in a good piece of art to hang on your walls. Buying a decorative centrepiece is also a great addition to your living space. They add character to the room, making it a lot more interesting to hang out in.


Close Up Shot of a Modern Silver Bluetooth Speaker Standing on a Table at Home

There is no party without good music. Get the music blaring by buying some good-quality Bluetooth speakers to take around the house with you. The best addition to a banging house party!


Ceramic crockery tableware on wooden background

Impress the guests with some exquisite dinnerware and serving dishes. It really does make all the difference. You might be serving just snacks, but if you have platters that will wow people, why not get some? Try adding innovative and colourful dishes to the otherwise plain and boring ones you find around town.


Man in the kitchen pouring a mug of hot filtered coffee from a glass pot

Early morning hangover cure or just serving up some breakfast in bed with a side of caffeine, what you need is—a coffee maker! We aren’t asking you to buy a cafe-style espresso maker, but a decent-sized coffee bean grinder would work. If you really need that extra oomph buy a mini espresso maker and drink fresh coffee every morning!


Stack of fresh towels and soap dispenser on countertop in bathroom

Let’s just be honest here, women have walked into way too many bathrooms to find themselves face to face with an empty towel holder or some stinky old towel left on the hook. None of these things does anything to impress your friends or guests. Have a fresh towel ready for use whenever someone is home. You individually can repeat using your same towel over weeks (please don’t do it), but we aren’t judging!


Basket with dirty laundry on floor

This isn’t home and your mother isn’t coming behind you picking up clothes you have left strewn around. This is your pad, and you my friend have to find a designated spot to keep your used clothes at. NO, not the chair or that expensive sofa! Buy a laundry basket that can be easily accessible to throw your dirty clothes in. You will know when to wash your clothes, when the pile starts to overflow from the basket or you run out of clean clothes to wear (whichever happens first). At least, your space will be neat and tidy!


stylish bedroom interior design with black patterned pillows on bed and decorative table lamp

The most underrated, but the most important accessory in your bedroom are your sheets. It can make or break your future plans, you know what we are talking about. Having great bedsheets is just as important as changing them regularly. Don’t forget to invest in good quality mattresses and decent-sized pillows as well, they help you sleep better while supporting your head and spine.


Cosmetics bag for travel

You aren’t letting your drunk friends drive back home, so they are bound to stay back! They for sure haven’t carried their toothbrush or shower gel along, so what do you do? Pull out your extra bag of toiletries that you have kept handy for days like these. It’s not just lady products that you need to keep, but basic hygiene products for anyone who decides to crash over at your place. Extra toothbrushes, soap and travel-sized face washes and moisturisers will only make you the host with the mostest, and above all, your guests comfortable!

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a huge house/flat—do up your bachelor pad in a way that’s inviting and comforting—not only for yourself, but also for friends who want to hang out and family who wants to visit!


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