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Wokeish Ep 1: Emotional Cheating – Where Do You Draw The Line?

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Emotional infidelity is a kind of infidelity where a partner shares emotional intimacy and bonding with someone who is not the partner. In general, emotional cheating occurs when the closeness you feel with another person compromises the investment you make in your partner. If your partner seems to defensively object to the outside relationship, that may be because emotional cheating is happening.

While our collective news feeds are often filled with juicy gossip and updates of someone having an extramarital affair with a certain someone else… We sometimes forget about the thin line in relationships – Emotional Cheating. Or sometimes confiding in somebody else looks so great and feels so comfortable that we don’t realize that we’re emotionally cheating.

Watch the digital-savvy couple – Sarang & Paula, Priya Bannerjee, and Shruti discuss the ‘grey wala shade’ of Emotional Cheating in the 1st episode of Woke-ish, a brand new Vodcast by Man’s Life.